Cannon Blasts - April 7, 2015

Games, prospect updates, anti-tanking, and more in today's Cannon Blasts!

Welp, the win streak ended last night, but to perhaps the best overall team in the NHL this season. No shame there, though it was gut-wrenching to lose the lead in the last minute of regulation and then the game in the last minute of OT. Ahoy Links!

  • Let's start today by trying to waste 15 minutes of your time while testing your knowledge of NHL team names. Check this game out. Anything done with 4+ minutes still on the clock is good in my view.
  • Get caught up on the prospects as their seasons wind down.
  • Dave Hodge (TSN) wants the Jackets to win the lottery as they are one of a few teams not to embrace the tank after the playoffs were out of the picture.
  • Blue Jackets show up a couple times in Scott Cullen's Statistically Speaking.
  • I'm not really sure this is an unpopular opinion given that there are only three games left this season. The unpopular opinion would have been to shut him down back in February or let him rehab in Springfield (Dan P.). I don't have a strong feeling either way with three games left - just as long as they do the right thing to get the kid 100% for next year.
  • A couple of coaches hope the Jackets win the lottery as well.
  • An interesting look at "dirty" play and fighting trends in the NHL. Cough *Boll under contract for two more years* cough.
  • Finally, a 2011 article which looks back at the LA King's injuries woes in the early 2000's. "The Kings would fly right past their record of 536 man-games lost in the 2002-03 season with a mind-boggling, unfathomable 629 man-games lost to injury in 2003-04." If the Jackets follow suit....

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