Cannon Blasts 8/13: Offseason Thoughts and Thinkings

Have you ever wondered what NHL players are thinking about come the offseason? Well, wonder no more

The Blue Jackets twitter account blessed our timelines with a photo of some of the guys hangin’ by a lake, enjoying their summer.

What a joy, to be with your buds by the water. Not a care in the world.

But, what’s really going through their minds? Well, wonder no more.

Harrington: Am I far away enough to where I’m in this pic? I wonder how far I could swim out. Is there another sandwich still in the cooler or did I eat the last one?

Prout: What’s that rumble in the trees? Is that Big Foot? I should tell them it’s Big Foot, right? (begins to say “Hey guys, I think Big Foot is back there!”)

Foligno: Sometimes its more fun to pretend you’re in a recliner then put your feet in the water.

Anderson: (incoherent thoughts, having been jarred awake by this selfie)

Boone: Alright, everyone say ch (takes picture before he finishes)

Huh. I guess you really never know what’s going through someone’s mind, do you?

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