Cam Atkinson: An Appreciation in GIFS

Seven more years of the Connecticut Cannonball

As you may have heard, Cameron Thomas Atkinson signed a seven-year, $5.875-million contract extension with the Columbus Blue Jackets on Thursday. Jackets fans across the world rejoiced, albeit with some serious reservations about locking him up until he’s 35 years old. Regardless, this post is about celebrating Cam with moving pictures. Nobody marries their skills and smiles quite as well as the pint-sized forward from Connecticut.

Here’s Cam’s first goal from the All-Star Game, making Tuukka Rask look like human molasses slamming in his first goal of the game. Remember how good Cam was in that All-Star Game? Best offensive talent coach Wayne Gretzky’s ever seen, probably. He was robbed of that MVP award.

Let’s stick with the All-Star game, finishing a breakaway by putting one past Mike Smith. Surprised Smith didn’t try to sell Cam blowing by him as some sort of grievous assault.

This GIF goes a little long to show Cam pulling himself out of the net and screaming right behind Mike Condon. You also need the full speed to appreciate this goal fully, as he speeds in, dekes and slides it by before cannonballing into the net. He’s the best. Also important to note how much room he has in there.

One of the best Cam moments. Not sure what he was watching, but guessing one of those compilations where people fall and hurt themselves or get hit in the crotch. The immediate guilt, cover-up and secret’s hard not to smile yourself.

Speaking of #CamSmiles, here’s a great one. Not to keep harping on the height thing, but the end of the GIF where he’s a full head shorter than Ryan Murray is a nice reveal. Still, look at that hug technique. Arms back, extending out over the shoulders, no head turn. That’s textbook.

Halloween last year. No need for further context. It’s perfect as is.

What a great teammate. These two are locked up through 2020-21, so we’ll look for more moments like this over the next four years.

Incredible goal against the Red Wings from two seasons ago. Not much Jimmy Howard can do here, with a deflection from the goal line, perfectly rising over Howard’s shoulder and falling perfectly in the net. Also imagine the math involved for this to happen. Or don’t! Hockey and Cam Atkinson are fun and we’re very lucky to have them.

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