Blue Jackets Roundtable Podcast: Episode III

It's been awhile since we last convened the Blue Jackets Roundtable (Podcast edition!), and with the coming of the regular season opener this Friday it was time. I am joined by Jeff Little from Ten Minute Misconduct. Jeff and I cover all manner of topics, from the roster to the Arena to expectations for the season. And, if you haven't read Jeff's stuff about the Arena, I'm not exaggerating when I say it is all MUST READ. Click the streaming player below to listen:

We tried a new tactic for recording this podcast, which enables us to provide a streaming MP3 with some better audio. If you're having trouble with the streaming player above, you can click here to download the full MP3 (warning: it's a big file). Also, since this was our first attempt using Skype, please forgive any audio clicks and such. Also, toward the end, it sounds like I'm talking over Jeff; this was not the case. My Skype recorder and/or our connection seemed to lag, so where it sounds like I'm interrupting Jeff at the end we were actually having a nice conversation!

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