When is enough, enough?

Brick by brick involves shedding the dead weight.

"It's only October."

Fair enough.

"This group is getting used to playing together."

These are common things you'll hear around Columbus when hockey season starts.

"They've got a big home stand coming up! 8 out of 9 games at home."

Record in last 8 games (7 at home): 3-5-0

"It's only November."

Maybe a captain would have more clout in the room to motivate his fellow teammates.

"Are you giving up on this team already?"

If the team starts last season 5-11-3 or 6-12-1 instead of 5-12-2 – they’re in the playoffs. It’s that simple. (Current record: 5-10-0)

"They'll get back on track."

Didn't I write about this last year? (Yep: The Blue Jackets have a decision making problem.)

"It's too early to panic."

From 1-30, this team is in 26th place. 17 points out of first and 3 points out of last place. Florida just fired their coach – they have the same number of points as the CBJ.

"It's only December."

Granted, you only need to get to 8th in the conference to make the playoffs, but at a certain point, the hole becomes too much to dig yourself out of. Even an improbable 19-5-5 run to end the season last year couldn't save it.

"I believe."

Reinhart or Ekblad? (Why do I know these players' names on November 8th? Do you think Ducks fans or Blues fans or Penguins fans give a crap about top prospects right now?)


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