Blue Jackets Injury Updates

After taking physicals, several of the Blue Jackets met with members of the media this morning at Nationwide Arena. Among them were several Jackets coming off of injuries. In talking with Cam Atkinson, Marian Gaborik, and Ryan Murray, all three put themselves at "100%" health, and are ready to go. Obviously, Nathan Horton is still on the shelf, though he said his rehab is progressing as anticipated.

Also of note was Dalton Prout, who is hopeful to play in exhibition games toward the end of camp as he heals from abdominal surgery. Prout's left abdominal muscle tore from his hip bone, and had to be reattached. The timing of Prout's injury was tough, given that he will be limited in camp. However, he cited the fact that the injury happened in summer after his body had healed from the rigors of the season as a reason that he's also healing as quickly as he is.

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