Bizarro Game Day Matchup 76: Video Blue Jackets vs. Video Red Wings

I bet you thought I just gave up with this. Oh contraire! One of the things that happens when you have a baby is that the baby is hanging out around the house during the work day, and that means that you can't zip down and play a quick game of video hockey on your lunch break.

But, sooner or later, the baby goes to some kind of day care, and then it's open season on lighting up Video Opponents. And, even though the season is all but over, I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to get a few more matchups in!

The Video Blue Jackets returned to action with a vengeance, and did not disappoint.

The Video Red Wings tried to stem the tide and hang around, but the offense was just too much down the stretch. And, Video Derick Brassard would simply not be denied. As always, video after the jump followed by some game notes. Enjoy!

1st Period

2nd Period

3rd Period

Final: Blue Jackets 7, Red Wings 1

Game Notes:

  • Three Stars: 3. Brett Lebda, 2. R.J. Umberger, 1. Derick Brassard
  • Umm, yeah. Video Derick Brassard looked almost as good as the real one did on Friday night, and the chemistry with Video R.J. Umberger was also similar.
  • It was my first chance to test out Video Jack Johnson, and while I didn't get to unleash his offensive side, he flat-out lays the wood on guys defensively. Sometimes I didn't even perform the body check maneuver, and he laid people out. A welcomed addition!
  • So, Brett Lebda. I had to scour the game's roster depths to find him. Turns out he was living in the free agent pool. His rating on this game--again, a two-year-old game in terms of the player ratings--was not too bad. And he showed up!
  • I'm a little bummed to have not gotten the shut-out, but the Video Wings caught me on a bad Video Line Change (over which I have no control). Stupid AI.

Enjoy the game!

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