Bizarro Game Day Matchup 29: Video Blue Jackets vs. Video Bruins

The Video Blue Jackets had a lot on their plates today: in addition to trying to pick up the pieces after their real-life counterparts choked away a 3-1 lead with 90 seconds to go on Thursday night, they also had to avenge their only video loss which came in OT to the Video Bruins.

The first period got off to a slow start, and much like the real Jackets their doppelgangers were not immune to the crazy last second goal in the first period. However, they clinically built a four-goal lead, and never really looked back.

Given time constraints, I simply changed the Jackets' lines to match Thursday night's, and left the Bruins' lines the same (hence, Tuukka Rask getting the start again).

As always, video after the jump followed by some game notes. Enjoy!

1st Period

2nd Period

3rd Period

Final: Blue Jackets 7, Bruins 2 - Game Notes:

  • Three Stars: 3. John Moore, 2. Jeff Carter, 1. Antoine Vermette
  • This probably could have been worse, except for that I spent the entire third period trying to get Jeff Carter a video hat trick. I stand by that decision.
  • The Bruins' first goal was tough; somehow I got caught on a line change or something (or, perhaps, a crazy deep forecheck resulting in an odd-man rush... where have we seen that before?). Their second one? I think it was slop.
  • I was pretty proud of myself for the way Carter scored both of his goals.
  • I also enjoyed the computer video redirecting my shot on the second goal. I don't think I'd ever seen that before on this game. Kinda cool.

Enjoy the game!

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