Bizarro Game Day Matchup #18: Video Blue Jackets at Video Bruins

Well, I wish I had better news to report. Despite reports that their Video Dads were in the house, the Video Blue Jackets succombed to a case of art-imitates-life. I played this game at the crack of dawn (hence the awful audio... can't wake up the pregnant wife!), and it seems that my skillz were still sleeping. Nonetheless, The Cannon's Bizarro Game Day Matchup today pits your Video Blue Jackets heading out on the road to take on the Video Cup Champs: the Bruins.

Much like in real life, the Video Jackets got caught many times pinching in too deep, and the passing of the Video Bruins was too much. Again, much like real life, most of this reporter's normally-fool-proof tricks for beating video goalies were foiled. I started doing this as an escape... to see the Jackets win. They're so bad they're infecting my video game play. Sigh.

Video after the jump followed by some game notes. Enjoy!

1st Period

2nd Period

3rd Period and OT (spoiler alert!)

Final: Bruins 4, Blue Jackets 3 (OT) - Game Notes:

  • Three Stars: 3. Fedor Tyutin, 2. Milan Lucic, 1. David Krejci
  • Another horrible second period for the Jackets. Where does real life end and the video game begin?
  • Krejci was unstoppable. That, and video Steve Mason: a) didn't get much help from his goal-hungry D-men, and b) gave up so fat rebounds while also not moving well laterally. It seems the game finally caught notice.
  • Not sure how Toots stole the third star from Captain Rick Nash. Nasher was a beast for his team, despite their overall lack of finishing skills.
  • I hadn't yet had morning coffee, so perhaps that explains a bit of the lapse in focus for me. When the Bruins tied it up in the third, I sincerely tried to harness my chi and all that stuff, but in OT I got a little lazy and got burned. Why not? The real Jackets sure seem to be comfortable with doing that.
  • I promise to work on my faceoffs. It's just ugly to watch.

Again, this is all just for fun. Here's hoping the real Jackets' offense can get going like this. Enjoy the game!

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