An ASG-Filled Cannon Blasts - January 8, 2015

Take a look at what's coming to Columbus in just a couple weeks for the All Star Weekend.

Just a quick update for everybody, with a lot being announced on the All-Star festivities. Rosters and sweaters are expected this weekend from what I've been reading.

  • Reminder - here is what is on tap in bullet point format.
  • Here is the schedule on the All-Star Winter Park. The rink opens up next Friday (the 16th).
  • You can view the construction progress of said Park.
  • More details for ASG weekend. Bits and pieces are coming out so it can be hard to keep track.
  • Don't have plans for the ASG weekend but want to get involved? Contact Adecco as they're looking for Guest Relation Hosts. You could make $12/hour while being a host for the city and the NHL while meeting NHL fans. (Note: The posting does say you need to be available for 3 of the 4 days (Thursday-Sunday) but hey, you could make a few hundred bucks being a host for All-Star festivities, that's pretty cool.)
  • updated their All-Star Roster projections as of 12/22. Foligno and Bob appear just on the outside with Johansen in. We'll find out soon enough.
  • A non-ASG related link - get caught up on what's happening in Springfield. Hint: Madaisky and Forsberg are still rolling.
  • Revisit this post (by: me) if you need help getting around Columbus for the ASG weekend./

Ok, NHL. Please tell me this isn't the only live music planned for the weekend:

I type that up, and of course we get this.

More non-ASG goodies:

  • 30 Thoughts. "18. Nick Foligno’s new extension includes a no-move clause to prevent against waivers for all six years. There is a no-trade for the first four, and partial protection for the final two."
  • The history of all 30 NHL team names.
  • Power Rankings by All-Star Game Selection likelihoods (I think that's what they're going for). Dang it, that's an ASG-related link! My bad./

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