Alexandre Giroux Called Up

With the somewhat surprising demotion of Cam Atkinson today, you knew another move wasn't far behind. Some out there were speculating trades- a little premature in my opinion-while others were wondering which player from Springfield would be called up to replace Cam.

Turns out, it's Alexandre Giroux.

GIroux is a dominant scorer at the AHL level. He had a decent camp, and was the final cut. It's unknown where he'll fit in the lineup, but my guess is that he'll be placed with R.J. Umberger and/or Antoine Vermette, to help those two get off the scoring schnide they're experiencing.

In two games with the Falcons, Giroux had a goal and an assist, for two points.

With the top line of Nash, Carter and Prospal playing very well, and the rest of the forwards struggling mightily, this move is nothing more than a shakeup. If the team continues to struggle scoring goals, something a bit more drastic may need to take place.

That said, it's still early. 0-3-1 is ugly, but the pieces are in place to be successful. I never would have thought that offense was going to be the problem early on, but here's hoping that Giroux joining the team is the wake-up call the secondary scorers needed.

Will this move be the spark that lights the fire for the secondary scorers?

Yes- it's the wake up call they needed.32
No. The problems are deeper.67

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