A Very CBJ Christmas

All jokes about Santa Boomer aside, I decided to ask a few of the Jackets' blogging community about what they'd want to see under the tree for this time.

Think of a gift the franchise could receive, as an organization or for a specific player or member of the front office...serious or silly as you like!

Let's see what they came up with, shall we?

Mike MacLean:

I want the team to wake up Christmas morning with a nice, shiny Corey Schneider under the tree.
I love Sandman, but his streak can't last forever...could it?

Jeff Little:

I want to have them wake up with a commitment from the NHL to have them in the Eastern Conference next season, or, at worst, in a four division league as part of a Midwest Division (Columbus, Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Dallas, Minnesota, Winnipeg) with home & home schedule.

(I guess Christmas came early for some of us!)

Andy Krygier:

I would like to wake up Festivus morning to find out that Cody Bass has been sent to the ECHL never to return.

Greg May:

I would like to wake up and find a time machine under the tree so that I could go back and change some of the personnel decisions the team has made, both in the front office and on the ice. However, I would want the machine to be limited to hockey related events. I don't want to have to raise my teenage daughters all over again!

Dannie Browne:

Twenty points, giftwrapped and glittery.

Mr. Dark Blue Jacket:

I want the blue pill. Because the red one hasn't worked out so well, or a giant "Reboot!" button.

John Arvai (AKA Light The Lamp)

I'm gonna go humor and say an officially NHL licensed ornament of Boomer!

Lou Boudreax:

For a CBJ type gift, how about a long term extension of the working affiliation with the Falcons? ;-)
The current deal runs through next season, but I wouldn't mind say, a five year deal. Just sayin'!

Alison Lukan:

I want new watches for the entire roster since apparently the ones they have are broken and don't reflect a full SIXTY MINUTES that goes into a game.
I would also like a shiny new shot for every player that does NOT go directly into a goalie's pads every time.

Not a bad list, really. I think my personal wish is for the entire team's confidence to grow three sizes that day.

Anything you'd add? What do you think this team could use under the tree?

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