A Milestone for The Cannon

Here at The Cannon there are a few things that we know:

1) We are part of a small, but strong community of Jackets fans who have taken to the interwebs to spread our thoughts and opinions. We are but one of the many excellent blogs that are dedicated to the Blue Jackets.

2) We have some of the most loyal and knowledgeable readers and contributors in hockey.

3) Our team kind of stinks.

4) When we finally do start winning, it will feel oh so sweet.

With that, I have a small announcement. I know it pales in comparison to some of our bigger market blog brothers, but recently The Cannon passed the one million page view mark.

I find this astounding. Only a few short years ago, The Cannon was a fledgling blog that averaged in and around ten page views per day. In 2009 I made the jump to SB Nation, and I can't thank the network enough for the opportunities it has given me and my contributors.

On that note, over the past few years I have been honored to work with Matt Wagner, Andy Newman, Dan Parker and Lou Bordeaux. These guys are flat out pros. They love the team and are fantastic bloggers. Our milestone wouldn't have been possible without these gentlemen.

Most of all though it's because of you, our readers, that we are where we are today. I can't thank you enough for your contributions to fanposts, fanshots, comments and continued readership.

See you at the next milestone!


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