Playoff Open Thread: Round Two

Come chat with us about postseason action!

A couple days late, but here's a new thread for discussion of the second round of the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and any other NHL news that comes up.

As an update on our Bracket Challenge, the leaderboard after one round looks like this:

t-1. Pale Dragon and MrSwift13 (69 points)
t-3. Darth Panda and Bowtie_Stats (62)
t-5. Pinji and Maria DeVito (59)

Of these top 6, however, only Pinji has their projected champion still in contention (Edmonton). The 8 of us who picked Boston, plus the ones who picked LA, Colorado, or Tampa, are in long term trouble. The Oilers are the popular pick of the remaining team (4 brackets) but Carolina and Vegas could still win it for one bracket each.

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