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Predicting the next round of Reverse Retro jerseys - Atlantic Division

The Atlantic Division gets predicted on!

Detroit Red Wings v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images

The next round of Reverse Retros may be the worst kept-secret in the NHL. While still unconfirmed by Adidas and the league, several teams have alluded to a return, including the Columbus Blue Jackets saying their new jersey ads (sigh) will be on “all four jerseys.” And with a massive dump of leaks via a new range of “special edition” t-shirts last week, many of which showed logos reverse from their original color scheme or in colors never seen before, it’s all but confirmed at this point. (For what it’s worth, most of my predictions will be based on the T-shirt leaks.)

While the unveil isn’t until early November (according to the rumors), it’s never too early for amateur jersey designers to start speculating. Today, we’ll be going over the Atlantic Division, but you can read the Central Division preview, and the Pacific and Metro are coming next week! Let’s get into it.

Boston Bruins

The people demand pooh bear, and it looks like the Bruins will be answering. A white version is apparently on the way, so the question turns to the details. I made this concept yellow-heavy to separate it more from their normal road jersey, but I could easily see them going with a version with black as the main color.

Buffalo Sabres

The people demand goat head, and it looks like the Sabres will be answering. A white version is apparently on the way, so the question turns to details.

Jokes aside, the Sabres appear to be going all-in on their late 90s look. They’ve already confirmed that the black jersey will be returning, and their T-shirt leak showed the same logo on white in their normal color scheme. I, for one, am hoping for the reduction of silver as much as possible, but don’t be surprised if it makes its way in.

Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings were another team to not have their logo leak last week, so they’re a bit of an unknown. Despite only using two colors, the Red Wings have a surprising number of options, including red versions of their early designs as the Cougars and Falcons. I went with their inaugural 1926 uniform, but there’s a fair chance they go elsewhere. Just please be better than last year. Please.

Florida Panthers

We hadn’t heard much out of Miami before the leak, and the leak provided more confusion than answers. Their inaugural shoulder patch, which has never appeared on the front of a jersey, on a powder blue background, a color they’ve only used once as a sellout alternate. This could get WEIRD. I went with a remix of their original away jerseys, but they’re definitely the wildcard.

Montreal Expos Canadiens

Montreal is also on the powder blue train, seemingly confirming the rumors of an Expos-inspired design that popped up in the spring. When looking at the Expos’ jersey history, their 1980-91 design pops out as something that could easily be adapted into a hockey jersey and the Habs’ brand. But this is another one that can kinda go anywhere.

Ottawa Senators

The Senators look to bank on the nostalgia factor again. Twitter user Lalime’s Martian found a hoodie that plays on Ottawa’s original away. It also resembles the original design Adidas pitched in 2020 that Icethetics uncovered. While some may dismiss this as an old prototype, in my opinion there’s enough smoke here to make me think there’s a fire.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Icethetics also reported that Tampa Bay would bring back their infamous storm jerseys, and the leak confirmed that... kinda. Chris seemed to think the base of the jersey would be grey, but the leak clearly shows a white T-shirt. This one could go either way, but I’m inclined to lean closer to the physical evidence over the rumor mill.

Toronto Maple Leafs

While Toronto was not included in the T-shirt leak, GTAC Jerseys on Twitter has reported that the design will be based on the Leafs’ 2000-11 alternate, which in turn was a throwback to their 1958-67 away set. Gabe is pretty reliable on these things, so I ran with it. And while a blue uniform is significantly more likely, I could see MLSE being worried about it being too similar to their current set - that’s why their 2016 rebrand collapsed down the hem stripes, plural, into a single hem stripe, singular. Seeing as they already have a white and green St. Pats throwback, I went with a green and white version. Maximum chaos.

That wraps up the Atlantic Division! A bit more uncertainty here, but still fun to speculate. Let me know what you think will happen in the comments, and which jerseys you want to see on the ice. The Pacific Division will be posted next Thursday, September 8th.