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Post-Christmas Open Thread: Jackets and Sabres postponed due to weather

The Jackets will have to wait to exact their revenge on Buffalo, as the Sabres are unable to travel

Buffalo Sabres v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

After it had been hinted about for the last 24 hours, the NHL officially announced that tomorrow’s matchup between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Buffalo Sabres has been canceled.

Buffalo is no stranger to epic amounts of snowfall, but apparently this one is really bad. So bad that roads and even the airport remains closed. Even scarier is that at the height of the storm, emergency services were unavailable for surrounding areas. Just take a look at what members of the Buffalo Bills came home to after their game Saturday.

Hockey can wait. The weather has spared the Blue Jackets the wrath of Tage Thompson — at least temporarily. The Blue Jackets will now get in a much needed practice tomorrow to get their legs back under them after some big holiday meals.

Other News

  • Jiricek’s Journey - This may belong in the WJC thread, but there was a semi-interesting drama that fans watched play out on Twitter in regards to the travel woes encountered by Jackets’ defense prospect David Jiricek on his way to Halifax. After numerous flight cancellations, he arrived a day before Czechia’s first game — only his gear didn’t make it. His agent Allan Walsh took to Twitter to voice his displeasure at the entire situation. Nothing like a good vent session for all to see. Walsh took some heat for the tweet, and subsequently deleted them, but it must have worked and got the job done. Plus the internet is forever.

All’s well that ends well I guess.

  • The Blue Jackets sent down Joshua Dunne after appearing in three games, averaging under six minutes of ice time. Good for Dunne to earn a week’s worth of NHL salary, but what is the point of calling up a player if you can’t trust him to take more than a semi-regular shift. However, Liam Foudy and Carson Meyer’s lineup spot remain safe despite contributing very little if anything at all as well.
  • This makes even less sense when the CBJ have a couple of the best young players tearing it up in the AHL.

The Blue Jackets will be back in action on Thursday to take on the New York Islanders, and then again on New Years’ Eve to take on the Chicago Blackhawks in what will surely be a spicy matchup. Hopefully the Jackets this week’s extra practices to prepare for the games so they at least look competitive and like they care.

Lastly, I want to know what sweet CBJ loot Santa brought to our Cannon readers! As if my wardrobe didn’t contain enough already, I added a couple more shirts, a hoodie, and hat to my collection. Post your new CBJ swag in the comments!