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The Columbus Blue Jackets’ 2022 Reverse Retro, reviewed

The first in another multi-part series with all things Reverse Retro!

Yesterday, the Columbus Blue Jackets unveiled their Reverse Retro uniform for the 2022-23 season. It definitely didn’t leak any earlier than that or anything.

Based on the team’s original alternate used from 2003 to 2007, this is the first jersey in Blue Jackets history to use a black base. The jersey also features a return of the Kepi patch and original logo to the shoulders, as well as the team’s original number font used until the Adidas takeover in 2017.

The biggest changes from the 2003 version are a complete reduction of red outside of the logos, and the use of the steel blue used on the cannon alternates since 2010. Props to our Commander-in-Chief Pale Dragon, who this in an earlier leak.

The complete list of color changes from the original:
Navy base to Black
Black yoke to Steel Blue
White inner piping to Navy
Red outer piping to White

Alright, now onto the review.

Good news: It’s the second best jersey in CBJ history, behind the cannon alternates.

Bad news: It’s bad, and the above statement is like noticing that the Monsters are the second best hockey team in Ohio.

To elaborate, the main issue I have to it is the black base. The design team wanted to do something bold for this round (yet didn’t use the Columbus Chill design, one of the boldest jerseys of all time), and so they went with black. Thing is, black isn’t bold. It’s safe. Seven of the 32 Reverse Retros this year are black, the most of any color besides white. 17 teams, over half of the league, has a black jersey. It isn’t unique. It isn’t fun. It isn’t cool. It’s band wagoning, black for black’s sake.

The other, lesser issue I have with this is that it’s basically the same template as our current home and away jerseys. In fact, half of the Jackets’ jersey history has used the same full-yoke, double-outlined template.

There are a few things I like; I’ve got a bunch of nostalgia for that original font, using steel blue instead of navy was a good choice, the stars on the cuff are a fun touch, and it’s nice to see the kepi patch again. But that’s honestly about it.

What are your thoughts on the Columbus’ new jersey? How’d you grade it? I’m debating between a C- or a D+, so sound off in the comments. The Reverse Retro will make their debut on November 23rd versus the Washington Capitals.


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