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Cannon Blasts: Time for a Blue Jackets vibe check

How are we feeling about this team and its future?

NHL: JAN 08 Devils at Blue Jackets Photo by Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Rather than filibustering in this space as I sometimes do, this week I thought I’d turn it over to the commenters to do the majority of the discussing. We’re not quite at the halfway mark of the season, but I thought it was a good time to check in how we’re feeling about the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Has this team exceeded, matched, or fell short of your expectations for this season?

In what ways has the team been different from what you expected?

Which player has been the biggest surprise, or the biggest disappointment?

Looking forward to the future, do you have a different outlook than you did in August, after the draft and free agency?

What is the window for this team to return to the playoffs, and to become Cup contenders?

Let us know what you think!

The week that was

A blowout loss to Tampa
Another incomplete effort in New Jersey
A rebound win at home against those Devils

A highlight of the week was Jakub Voracek playing in his 1000th game. He hit the milestone on Thursday, and was honored on Saturday in a pregame ceremony in Columbus, with his family next to him on the ice.

Teammates of Jake from Columbus and Philadelphia recorded messages of congratulations. The best one was saved for last, from fellow Czech Jaromir Jagr:

From an all-time great Jacket to a future great Jacket, prospect Kent Johnson attempted the lacrosse-style move first successfully pulled off by fellow Wolverine Mike Legg:


The Jackets’ ECHL affiliate, the Kalamazoo Wings, apparently does colored ice for a few special games each season. On Friday, they debuted a new look: a rainbow-colored sheet of ice for Hockey is for Everyone night.

It’s really different but...I kind of love it? There’s so much white space on the ice, so why not do something different with it? Let’s try some different colors, or patterns, or whatnot.

On Deck

Tuesday: vs. Chicago
Thursday: at Carolina
Saturday: at Florida

Seth Jones makes his return to Columbus on Tuesday. I’m curious to see what kind of reaction he gets. He had so many great seasons here and always gave his all. He didn’t want to stay, but he didn’t make a public trade request, and gave the team notice in the off-season so they had time to make the trade. Meanwhile, he’s had his ups and downs in Chicago this season, while players we got in the trade (Adam Boqvist, Cole Sillinger, and Jake Bean) are already having an impact here.

After that, we hit the road to visit the two best teams in the Eastern Conference by points percentage. If we can get just a single point in those two games, I’ll consider that a win.

Play me out

Season 10 of Letterkenny dropped a few weeks ago. It’s formulaic at that point, but damned if it isn’t still entertaining.

Warning: NSFW language