Just Chill: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Expansion Draft

PD recently put up an article about the Blue Jackets’ protection list, who we can expect to lose off our exposed list, and how that could impact the team’s near future. It’s a good read, and it’s quite possibly pretty accurate as to what Seattle will do in the expansion draft.

Why I Completely Disagree with It

I'm still fairly certain that Seattle will pick between 3-5 players solely to build/bolster their farm system as opposed to creating bottom-6 depth that will be depleted over the waiver wire, and that Columbus will be one of the said teams that will lose a minor-leaguer rather than a full-time NHL player. Why? Because that's what Vegas did.

Why I Don’t Think That PD’s Worst-Case Scenario Is Worth Worrying About

But, just for argument’s sake, let’s assume that everyone’s assumption that Seattle will always choose the best player available from each roster. What will that result in? Basically, that means that the new Kraken team will have 30 bona-fide NHL players with which to fill out their 23-player NHL roster. And that means that the Kraken will be placing 7 bona-fide NHL players on the waiver wire before the beginning of the season.

How We Might Benefit from the Expansion Draft

And let's consider that, as well. Let's assume that the list in PD’s article is exactly what Seattle does end up doing. I can see Henrique deployed as the 1C, with Johnson flanking him at LW; Dickinson & Kerfoot playing 2/3C with Donato and JVR on LW, and Teddy Blueger as an elite 4C, with Tierney on his wing, or Blueger at LW, with Howden drawing in at C. Either way, Robinson is not likely to be on the playing roster. He <i>might</i> draw in at 4LW, but that's by no means set in stone, based on the above selections.

Is Eric on the 23-man playing roster? Frankly, I'm not certain that is correct. But let's say that he is.

We start the season 4th on the waiver order.

We will be able to compensate for the loss of Robinson by taking an equal or better player from off of Seattle's waiver wire offerings during training camp.

* Evgeny Svechnikov: do we take him? Eh, maybe. He's still got a fair bit of upside, but he's starting to drift into 'bust' territory.

* Anyone from the list of centres? Oh heck yes. Especially if it's either Howden or Tierney.

* DeHaan/Stanley? Absolutely.

* Lauzon/Soucy? Possibly.

* One of the goalies? Meh, probably not.

So, basically, the question is "would us losing Eric Robinson be compensated for by the centre/defencemen that we absolutely could claim off the waiver wire from Seattle if they only take the 'best available' players in the draft"? I think that the answer to that is pretty darned clear.

And, just to be clear; I don’t think that Eric Robinson is a lock to make the 23-man opening roster. If he doesn’t land on that roster, we can just take him back on the waiver wire.

Just chill, everybody. Wee will do just fine out of this.