Lets Fairly Evaluate Jarmo

The seasons over, the playoffs are under way, and opinions on the front offices spread across from worst front office in the league to best front office in the league and everywhere in between. sure this season didn't go the way many would like but how much of that was Jarmo's incompetence and how much of it was just bad luck? lets dive in. i am going to give grades to major decisions over the last few years I can promise you i will miss transactions and if I do I can assure you it is not done purposely but go ahead and mention them. here we go.

Trading Foligno for a 1st and 4th round draft pick.

I'll be the first to say that I really like Nick Foligno the person. he seems like a genuinely good person and a good leader. that being said he is at best a 3rd line wing on a good NHL team. The fact that Columbus was able to grab a 1st round pick for a bottem 6 forward (even if it is in the 25-30 range) is nothing short of magnificent, especially with the likelihood of of Nicks return in the summer.


Trading Savard for a 1st and 3rd round pick

Much like Nick Foligno, Savard had been a strong blue jacket for several years. But this year showed a big drop from a bona-fide 2nd pairing defenseman to a guy who is clearly a 6th defenseman at best. Sure it could be an outlier however with him being in his 30s and likely due for a nice hefty raise while showing signs of decline. this was another home run for Jarmo.


Trading PLD and a 3rd for Jack Roslovic and Patrick Laine.

We all know the gist of the story, Dubois wants out for unknown reasons, and a chain of events forces Jarmo to expedite a trade. Which lands Patrick Laine and Jack Roslovic. While Laine could be certainly considered a disappointment but he is still a young talented winger that could easily have a bounce back year especially with a new voice in the locker room. Mean while JR, with a boost from playing for his home town team surpassed his expectations. cementing himself as as legit 2nd line center. i'm not ready to write of Laine yet, and i could easily change this grade if he comes back to the winger he has the potential to be.


Trading Josh Anderson for Max Domi and a 4th round pick

I was excited when the trade was announced. Anderson was coming off an injury plagued season that saw him score 4 goals in 26 games. Mean while Domi was a bit of a journeyman but regularly had the production of a solid 2nd C. This year, along with the rest of the team has not exactly gone has planned. While he had a much stronger finish to the year he was horrible early in the season. Like The Laine trade, Max could very well have a bounce back season next year, especially after seeing his play pick up towards the end so I the right to change this grade


Letting Panarin and Duchene walk

while I don't feel like its fair to grade Jarmo on this because i don't think any GM in the league would have been able to convince one or both of them to stay. They left because of their city preference, but i thought it was important to mention as it was a significant change to the team and it leads too....

Letting Bobrovsky Walk

Say what you will about how they handled the Bobrovsky situation throughout his final year but letting him walk was easily a great decision. just ask any Florida fan who still has to come to terms with the fact that Bobrovsky will be a 10 million dollar back up to Spencer Knight for the next 5 years. Merzlikins has shown to be a number one goalie at a significantly reduced rate and term.


I think this will likely need to be a multiple part series So Stand by for part 2!

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