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Dalpe, Scott, and Simpson lead by example, named captains of Cleveland Monsters

The Cleveland Monsters named Zac Dalpe, Justin Scott, and Dillon Simpson captains for the 2020-21 season.

Cleveland Monsters v Laval Rocket Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Earlier this week, the Cleveland Monsters announced their captains for the 2020-21 season. Zac Dalpe will wear the “C”. While Dillon Simpson and Justin Scott will wear the “A”.

Last season, a team vote decided who would be captain for the Monsters. “The group knew each other really well. I didn’t know the room at all,” explained Coach Mike Eaves of last year’s process, “So, we took a team vote and came up with the guys we had last year.”

Due to the abundance of new faces in the locker room, the coaches decided to assign captains instead of leaving it up to a team vote. “We don’t have a lot of time to get going,” Eaves said of their decision, “So, we basically assigned the captains based on last year and knowing these young men.” The fact the leadership core is around the players more than coaches was a huge factor in naming Dalpe, Simpson, and Scott the captains for this season. “It’s important to have that good connection and have good leaders once we leave,” said Eaves.

Assistant Coach Steve McCarthy made note to say the leadership core has already been doing a fantastic job of keeping the coaches informed, “They’re doing a great job of delivering what the coaching staff is looking for and also what the players are saying”

For Scott, who is in his fifth season with the team, “it’s an honor being looked upon as one of the leaders on the team” and it’s something he doesn’t “take lightly”. Over the years we’ve seen Scott make a lot of fundamentally sound decisions while on the ice. Whether or not he realizes it, over the years, many young guys have added those habits to their repertoire.

Simpson also takes pride in his ability to lead by example through consistent hard work and is ready to embrace his leadership role. “At this point in my career a big point of me being here is helping these young guys,” explained Simpson, “I want to be one of the guys who helps them along the way and helps them get up to Columbus.”

Dalpe has spent years playing the right way, acting the right way, and treating others well even when he doesn’t realize people are watching. His hard work, positivity, and strength has finally paid off. Dalpe explained, “All the times when you’re working hard when no is watching and then you hope you lead by example when there are spectators” He even gave a nod to his parents for the amount of dedication he puts into the game of hockey, “I think working hard is something that I’ve always wanted to do. My parents did a great job of instilling that in me.”

It appears the Monsters are in good hands this season.