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Game #9 Recap: Jackets keep it interesting in OT thriller win

In other news, I’m organizing a vendetta against the Bally Sports streaming app.

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This recap is going to be short and sweet because I was only able to observe the first period of the game due to the horrendous Bally Sports app, which presented me with a server error message for the entirety of the second period and the first 18 minutes of the third period. Despite missing all four regulation goals by the Jackets, I was fortunately able to catch the overtime goal by Jake Bean!

1st Period

The game started out fast and furious, with the Jackets quickly hopping on defense to kill two Colorado power plays in the first ten minutes. Despite many chances and many great saves by Korpisalo, the first period ended knotted at zero.

2nd Period

This is where my Bally Sports app woes began, so between frantically trying to find an illegal livestream that wouldn’t infect my laptop with the viruses of a thousand plagues and scrolling Twitter, I'm afraid I’m not a great first-hand account of the second period’s events. As always, I will defer to my single source of truth: Jeff Svoboda.

Okay, so we got scored on right away. Just as Jeff observes the Jackets are unable to solve Johansson, the Avs score again:

With just over three minutes left in the period, Jake Bean scored his first goal of the night - 2-1 Jackets to close the period. Despite the score and the altitude, the Jackets played hard and looked good throughout the first two periods.

3rd Period

Here’s where the CBJ rubber finally made contact with the road, despite the Bally servers still not making contact with my television. Cole “Goal” Sillinger cracks open the floodgates with his first goal of the night:

Alright, so we’re all tied up! Fortunately, Silly had one more in his cannon:

Happy Silly Season! Talk about cementing your place in a roster. Jackets are up 3-2.

But wait, there’s more! Boone’s performance has been through the roof lately, only further elevated by the Colorado altitude. Someone check me on this, but I’m pretty sure this keeps him on pace for his 50-goal season:

Things you hate to see: Johansson getting pulled and the Avs scoring seconds later.

And if you thought it was bad, it only got worse - this was exactly when my Bally Sports app decided to let me watch the game again, just to witness the fourth and final Avs goal of the night:

To overtime we go! Notably without Patrik Laine, who left the bench towards the end of the third with what we’re speculating might be a groin injury.


Fortunately, Laine was not necessary in tonight’s OT win - an unexpected hero, Jake Bean, stepped up tonight to bookend the Jackets’ win with the first and last goals. Voracek had some notable assists tonight too, especially on that OT goal. Excellent stuff! Glad I got to watch it. Bally, get your sh*t together.

The Jackets rematch the Avalanche on Saturday, November 6th at 7 p.m. in Nationwide Arena. If tonight was any indication, it should be an exciting game!