Cannon Confessional: You are not the reason the Blue Jackets lost

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Even though it may feel like it.

This is a safe space - it's a place to unleash any reasons why you may feel the Jackets' loss tonight is on you.

I'll start and boy, there are a lot of them.

1.) I was quite caviler about how happy I was for the series and seasons to end for both Winnipeg and Pittsburgh.

2.) I may or may not have jumped around like an idiot after Boone's 3rd goal, then proceeded to declare we were just 5 minutes and change away from the next round.

3.) Not too many breaths after that, I may have "we want Bama'd" a Tampa rematch.

Again, this is a safe space - you are not the reason for the loss, even if you feel responsible. Let it out and feel better.

Boomer be with you.