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Cannon Blasts/Open Thread: Hockey is BACK!

Discuss the other series here

Columbus Blue Jackets v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

So, did anyone else spend all day Saturday and Sunday watching hockey?

There’s much more to come, with six games each day guaranteed through Wednesday. Use this thread to discuss what’s going on in the other series around the league.

Noon: Rangers/Hurricanes (NBCSN)
2:30: Jets/Flames (NHL Network)
4:00: Capitals/Lightning (NBCSN)
6:30: Stars/Golden Knights (NHL Network)
8:00: Canadiens/Penguins (NBCSN)
10:30: Blackhawks/Oilers (NBCSN)

Noon: Panthers/Islanders (NBCSN)
2:30: Coyotes/Predators (NHL Network)
4:00: Blue Jackets/Maple Leafs (Fox Sports Ohio, NBCSN)
6:45: Flames/Jets (NHL Network)
8:00: Hurricanes/Rangers (NBCSN)
10:45: Wild/Canucks (USA)

Noon: Islanders/Panthers (NBCSN)
2:30: Predators/Coyotes (NHL Network)
4:00: Lightning/Bruins (NBCSN)
6:30: Avalanche/Stars (NHL Network)
8:00: Penguins/Canadiens (NBCSN)
10:30: Oilers/Blackhawks (NBCSN)

Here are some burning questions I have after the first game of each qualifying round series:

Rangers/Hurricanes (Carolina leads 1-0): Can either team commit fewer than seven penalties in their next game?

Blackhawks/Oilers (Chicago leads 1-0): For $12.5M a year, shouldn’t Connor McDavid be able to play goalie?

Panthers/Islanders (New York leads 1-0): For $10M a year, shouldn’t Sergei Bobrovsky be able to score goals?

Canadiens/Penguins (Montreal leads 1-0): When will these teams remember that they’re trying to lose in order to draft Lafreniere?

Jets/Flames (Calgary leads 1-0): Matthew Tkachuk - dirty or just reckless?

Coyotes/Predators (Arizona leads 1-0): Was GM John Chayka holding the Yotes back?

Wild/Canucks (Wild lead 1-0): No question here, just wanted to bring attention to Matt Dumba’s words from Saturday:

Blue Jackets/Maple Leafs (Columbus leads 1-0): Can the Jackets maintain that defensive intensity for two more games, or will the Leafs stars break through eventually?

Play me out

Last weekend, we lost an under-recognized great of the classic rock era. Years before they broke big with Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac was a blues act led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Peter Green, who passed away on July 25 at the age of 73.