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Gear up during the playoffs with the Blue Jackets collection from BreakingT

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The Columbus Blue Jackets are hungry to prove anything that can happen will happen in 2020. What better way to show your support for their already historic run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs than by outfitting yourself in Jackets centric t-shirts.

BreakingT has one for just about every fan.

For fans of great two-way defense, wicked wristers, mullets, and the cannon (BOOM!), the Zach Werenski line is perfect for you. Buy one, or all four, of these eclectically awesome shirts to adorn your body during playoffs here.

Seriously, who doesn’t want to wear a shirt featuring Werenski riding a cannon to victory?

Do you love playoff beards and players who lead the league in blocking shots with their booty? Well, we have a shirt for you! Show your support for stay at home defenders and beards by buying the “LUMBERJACKETS HOCKEY” shirt here.

Just think how awesome it would be to wildly yell when wearing this shirt after watching David Savard throw his body in front of a net seeking missile of a shot.

The Jackets have an unbelievable mindset which has powered them to overcome injuries, three goal deficits, and playing over 6 hours straight of hockey. Part of this is thanks to Head Coach John Tortorella’s spicy speech in the lockerroom during Game 1 of the first round of last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs (sweep, sweep). Commemorate the magic of last season’s inspiring speech by wearing it on your chest. You can buy the shirt here.

Picture yourself jumping up on your table after a game winning goal screaming “It’s a (bleep) mindset of (bleep) believing”. Amazing feeling, eh?

Nobody loves celebrating a Jackets win more than Nick Foligno and his goalies. Jump for joy after every Blue Jackets win while wearing the exhilarating “Columbus Jump Hugs” shirt.

Don’t delay. Buy it today. HERE

We Jump! You Jump! We all jump for hockey!

Everybody loves a Latvian netminder. Especially when he stands on his head to steal games from your mortal enemies. Celebrate Elivs Merzlikins banner rookie year by buying a shirt HERE.

We’re in love. We’re all shook up.

If you buy a shirt, make sure to tag us on twitter (@cbjcannon). Heck, give us a full on fashion show. Work it, fans! Work it!

Show that 5th line spunk all day, every day.