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Bonus hockey brings multiple milestones to Blue Jackets, Lightning

Columbus Blue Jackets v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game One Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images

Yesterday, the Columbus Blue Jackets and Tampa Bay Lightning decided to turn their matinee game into a primetime game by playing eight periods of hockey. When a game goes into extra stanzas you are bound to watch records get smashed.

Let’s kick things off with the obvious milestone.

Cracked the top 5 longest games in NHL history

The quintuple overtime game between the Jackets and Lightning made for the 4th longest playoff game in NHL history. Yes, there are three other games that were longer than 150:27. Had the Jackets played two more minutes they would have bumped the 1999-2000 Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers out of the three spot. This might be the one time Jackets fans are ok with the Penguins being placed above them on the leaderboard. Maye.

Franchise history for Jackets

Yesterday’s game was also only the 4th time in franchise history where the Jackets went to double overtime. As we know, they managed to push it to five overtimes. Very impressive but we hope to never have to sit through an eight period game again.

Lightning All-Time NHL Overtime Record

The Jackets’ loss was the Lightning’s gain in more ways than one.

Joonas Korpisalo crushed the NHL saves record

Heading into yesterday’s game Kelly Hrudey of the 1986-87 New York Islanders held the NHL record for most saves with 73. Korpisalo stomped all over that record by stopping 85 shots on goal. He laid it all out there yesterday and even took some time to drop someone who got a little too close in the crease. It’s clear that Korpisalo is ready to show the NHL world who 2016 Calder Cup Champion Joonas Korpisalo is and I don’t think anyone is prepared for that when it happens.

This also shows growth among the Jackets’ D. If Korpisalo was on the Jackets 10 years ago, the amount of goals he saved may have soared well over 100.

Seth Jones played enough minutes to equal a regulation game and change

For decades, sports fans have claimed nothing could ever match the level of grit, dedication, and excitement of Michael Jordan in the inspiring “Flu Game”. I mean, how could anyone match the incredibleness of successfully playing an entire basketball game while having the flu (or food poisoning)? No one could. Most of us thought it was highly unlikely that anyone would ever match the mysticism and legendary status of Jordan’s Flu game.

AND THEN the Blue Jackets and Lightning played eight periods of overtime forcing Seth Jones to spend a whopping 65:06 on the ice. (I just got tired typing that fact. May have to take a nap after this). The record holder going into yesterday’s marathon game was Sergei Zubov with 63:51. It’s important to note that TOI has only been tracked since the 1997-98 season.

Not only did Jones break the record, he played a phenomenal game while doing it. His ability and willingness to play as an extension of Korpisalo allowed Zach Werenski (61:14 TOI) to give the offense an extra push in the right direction. When needed Jones helped Werenski add an extra bit of fire to the offense by helping set up plays and getting the way of some of the Lightning’s best players.

Jones’ performance in yesterday’s game(s) was a G.O.A.T worthy performance people will tell their kids about for years to come.

In post game presser, Seth Jones dropped an “I feel fine”. What? Everyone else watching that game would have been crawling to their bed like a dehydrated traveler searching for water in the desert. BUT Seth Jones feels “fine”. If that doesn’t proof what kind of mentally and physically strong monster Jones is, I don’t know what will.

Carolina Hurricanes have jokes which ignite the rage within Lightning fans

And finally, the Carolina Hurricanes broke the record for enraging the most Lightning fans when they crafted a tweet reminding fans of the heart break the Jackets doled out during the last time they met in the playoffs.