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Jersey Week: What are the best jerseys you own?

Can you best my Zack Steffen threads?

New York Red Bulls v Columbus Crew: MLS Cup Eastern Conference Semifinal Leg 2 Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

It’s Jersey Week here at SBNation! Across the blogs, fans and writers are discussing jerseys, alternate designs, and the best/worst jerseys in team history. Rather than arguing about the worst jersey in CBJ history for the thousandth time (it’s the Stinger bug jersey), let’s talk about our closets!

We all have jerseys we love and cherish, be them hockey or not. Share yours below!

Will Chase

I have a lot I could add: Jeter, Mo, Bryant, and Rizzo, and of course lots of hockey sweaters. But I’ll keep this short, sweet, simple, and unique. My Babe Ruth jersey. Exactly like you can expect from 1929. Wool, warm, and heavy.

Pale Dragon

The best jersey I own is a hockey jersey but not a Jackets jersey - or even an NHL jersey. I have a blank CBJ alternate and I love it, but my best a Letterkenny Irish sweater. #69 Shoresy, naturally. I wore it to one Jackets game this year and got a bunch of favorable comments.


Okay, so. I’ve got a few.

I have a signed Zach Werenski jersey that is far and away my favorite CBJ jersey. For longtime readers, I have been on the Werenski bandwagon from the beginning. I got my jersey halfway through his rookie season and a buddy of mine who works in an unspecified role affiliated with the team offered to chase Werenski down and have him sign it. YES PLEASE. It was amazing. I treasure the jersey and wear it to most games. If you’re looking for me at a game, I can be found by my CBJ tattoo and Werenski jersey.

Outside of hockey, I have two excellent jerseys - both of them soccer related. I have a centennial USMNT soccer jersey that I first wore to the 2013 Dos A Cero match at Crew Stadium. Famously, Clint Dempsey (intentionally?) missed a penalty in the 89th minute to maintain the 2-0 scoreline against Mexico. I have it signed my USMNT legends Cobi Jones and Brian McBride. It was the best crest the MNT has ever worn, and it makes me so happy.

My FAVORITE jersey I own, however, is a Columbus Crew jersey. I bought a Zack Steffen jersey literally 5 days before he was transferred to Manchester City (effective the next summer). I was bound and determined to get one not just because he was the best keeper the Crew had fielded in a long time, but he is going to be the USMNT #1 keeper for the next decade. Long live Steffen.

I wore it to several games his final season, including his last appearance at Crew Stadium. At that match, I waited after the game was over till security was starting to clear people out to have Steffen sign it. He stayed to sign something for every fan who wanted it, basking in the love of the Columbus faithful. I am so happy that I got my jersey signed.

Elaine Shircliff

The best jersey I own is the best jersey in the world. It’s a light blue Atlanta Thrashers game worn Dustin Byfuglien jersey.

Try to top that.


What are the best jerseys you own? Let us know in the comments below!