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The Jeff Little Archives

A hub of all the articles Jeff Little wrote while working at The Cannon.

Columbus Blue Jackets v Vancouver Canucks

Since the beloved “The Cannon” writer Jeff Little passed away in 2017, we have heard many people ask how they can find the article’s Jeff had written during his time at the site. For the past year, I tried to figure out ways I could find all of his articles and compile them into one hub. I struggled to find all of his articles. With the help of google and few fans of the site, I was able to find 12 articles. The low number of articles didn’t seem like enough to really honor Jeff’s memory and what he did for the site while he was alive.

So, I enlisted the help of the NHL site manager. In a matter of minutes, she was able to help me find all of the articles he had written. Now that the AHL season is on pause, I was able to find the time to transfer the links into one hub.

As I transferred each article, I was reminded of the quality content Jeff put out on a fairly regular basis. Jeff Little was a brilliant man who knew how to tell a story better than most people I know. For years, I have strived to be able to write about the game or tell a story the way Jeff could. One day I’m hoping I will be able to be on his level of storytelling.

The link to the hub is below. Enjoy <3