Let's Rank Every Jersey Worn In The 2019-2020 NHL Season

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So, that happened. The NHL season has, for the foreseeable future, ended after Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive for Coronavirus, causing the NBA to immediately shut down. With many NHL teams sharing their Arenas with NBA teams, the NHL followed suit, along with most of the sports world. Since then, several more NBA players, including Kevin Durant, the NFL's New Orleans Saints' head coach, and a player on the Ottawa Senators have tested positive, with no end in sight, this could be the end of the 2019-20 NHL Season, and the start of several months without sports...

But that's sad! So let's discuss something way more fun and jovial, but still very important and serious, jersey design in the NHL! The NHL is unique among the Big 4, design wise, in two ways: 1) It's the only league to have the team logo as the main design feature of the jersey. Not the player number. Not some script. The Logo. And 2) Hockey is played on a white sheet of ice, a plain canvas able to let the bright colors and other features of the jerseys truly stand out. With that in mind, some of the factors considered will be:

Colors, with extra points for uniqueness and how the colors interact with each other. In addition, black and grey jerseys will be punished, as they tend to create a boring, monotone look.

The Logo, the centerpiece of the jersey. This can make, or more likely, break a jersey.

Striping. Unique? Good. Classic? Great. Some crappy Reebok Edge template carryover? NO! BAD! WRONG!

Balance & Consistency. The elements need to work off each other well, and if the striping is inconsistent between the arm and hem, may god bless your soul.

Other. It's my list, and if I want to put a jersey above another for another reason, I can.

So! Let's get going! By my count, 96 Jerseys saw NHL Ice this year, plus one honorable mention. And I'll try to have as many Blue Jackets in the photos as I can, to keep you guys sane. Here's one before we get started:


No. 96 - Tampa Bay Lightning, Alternate Jersey


Easily the worst jersey in the NHL. If your practice jersey has more striping on it than one of your actual jerseys, you have a serious problem. The black- and dark grey-heavy design doesn't help, because unless you're playing a team with a LOT of color on it's Away, it'll be pretty hard to find an interesting match-up. They look like black knock-off pajamas. No hem stripe hurts a lot, though it has a gradient on the arms, which isn't much better. And I thought we had escaped the 90's. Literally the only good thing (or any thing, really) on this jersey, aside from the logos, is the lightning bolt on the pants, which isn't enough to dig it out of the basement. IMO, this is the Worst Jersey in NHL History, and I consider our sweep of them last year to be punishment for unveiling these jerseys.

No. 95 - Colorado Avalanche, Stadium Series Jersey


This jersey really frustrates me. A lot. It's so close to being amazing. I like the idea of a horizontally split jersey, especially with the great shade of blue and red Colorado uses. Just move the A down so that it ends below the collar, as well as add a white hem stripe. That would help immensely, probably moving it up to around the 60s, but that doesn't solve this jersey's big issue: That A isn't a logo. It''s at best an overaggressive Kachina, at worst a demented version of the Canucks Flying V. And what drives this into the ground is the Squadron Logos Adidas made. You developed an amazing logo for this game, but didn't put it on the jersey. You want the mountain aspect? Give the white dividing line the same treatment as their primaries' hem! Just USE. THAT. LOGO! And get rid of those helmets, too.

Nos. 94-93 - Washington Capitals, Home and Away Jerseys


This jersey is also pretty infuriating, considering they feature the second best logo in the NHL. On the shoulders. And they feature the worst logo in the NHL on the front. It's a glorified wordmark. And they use the Weagle for half of their branding anyway, most notably on TV and for various graphics where a small logo is needed. And the primary logo isn't even in a good font, like a drunk techno Arial. And the As are inconsistent, the L and T peak at different heights (and the T forced into a hockey stick, GET IT?!), and its lowercase font for a team called the CAPITALS. Add in the second worst striping... uh... design? in the NHL, and we're at rock bottom. Look at Niskanen above, the jersey is front-heavy. Cool number font, though. The Aways edge out the Homes, due to losing the outline around "capitals".

Nos. 92-91 - Ottawa Senators, Home and Away


You might've noticed that I said that Washington's stripe design was the second worst in the NHL. These are the first worst. While Washington's have some resemblance to traditional pattern, these guys are a relic of a bygone era. When Reebok took over making NHL jerseys in 2007, they tried to push this template and other like it on teams looking for a modern feel. "Highlighting" the new stitching patterns of the jersey, the Senators were one of three teams to use this template. Tampa Bay's set fell in 2011. Pittsburgh's in 2016. And Ottawa's? Still here. They're the only 2007 Reebok template, aside from Washington, still here. There's no balance, consistency, or sense to it. If not for the logo, these could be bottom of the league... aside from Tampa's Alternates. Home ahead of Away, cause there's more color.

Nos. 90-89 - Anaheim Ducks, Home and Away Jerseys


These jerseys are... interesting to me. I like the striping pattern, but making it point up on the arms, and turning it into a side panel, ruins it. And the beige and orange scheme is... bad. Beige and Orange never work together. Ever. Just not much to get excited about. Mediocre logo. Side panels and point suck. And just eliminate the yokes, the invisible yoke thing doesn't work on the Homes, and just doesn't fit on the Aways. Plus, It's black. Not much positive, and a whole lotta negatives. Get it in the less-obviously-yoked Homes.

No. 88 - Los Angeles Kings, Stadium Series Jersey


My opinion on these have changed a lot since they were first leaked. At first, I hated them. Then, as the full uniform was unveiled, and leading up to the game, I warmed up to them. Still well in the bottom, but not this low. Then in game, they went back down a bit, to just above Ottawa. And now, as I'm writing this, I jumped them over Anaheim. I mean, in theory it's a terrible idea, splitting a jersey half white, the away color, and half black, the exact opposite of that. It looks like a home jersey at first glance, but it might be an away, and when they played in it in the Staples Center, New Jersey wore red? But it isn't all that good, regardless of the confusion. The high side of the divide interferes with the shoulder numbers, while the other sleeve is too blank. The merger of the current LA font and the Gretzky-era streaks looks good, but having no separation with the white bottom is also a problem. And while the same "Not Really Having a Logo While Having a Squadron Logo That's Great" problem applies here, it's not as bad.

Nos. 87-86 - Calgary Flames, Home and Away Jerseys


This is hard for me. Really hard. These were, and are, my High School team's jerseys. I'm unfairly attached to them. But, I think this is where they belong. This is, again, a jersey of missed potential. Similar to the Ducks, I like the striping pattern, but turning it into a side panel ruins it. And then they threw in another hem stripe, which isn't consistent with the other stripes? Why? And then for the shoulder patches, they just use the Canadian and Alberta flags, despite not being the only team in either. Beyond that it's pretty good, and the primary logo helps move it up, as well as the whole Warcats sentiment. Home reds get the edge, cause the stripes continue to the pants better.

Nos. 85-84 - NHL All Star Game Jerseys


Hoo boy. There is several things I have to say about these guys. First off, I'm not against having the team logos on the front. I actually like it. But I have questions on the application this year. So, you made the jerseys white and pretty-much-black grey so that you can avoid clashing with team colors, no one wants a blue Blackhawks, right? That also allows you to have colors in the team logo, cool! Then why not just use, you know, the regular logos? I don't get why not? But that is far from the only problem. Not a fan of the white gloves, for one, especially on the Dark jerseys. And not having different socks for the two teams is flat out embarrassing, this ain't beer league. But even worse... they're just boring. The All Star Game, aside from the Winter Classic, is the NHL's premier event, and these are just boring. Say what you will about some of the crazier Reebok designs, but they were at least interesting. These just... aren't. And for that, they drop. And not having the chest stripe on the back. I guess white gets the nudge, cause they work better with the gloves, and because Jonesy wore them.

Nos. 83-81 - Los Angeles Kings, Home Away and Throwback Jerseys


I mean, these jerseys are not good, for many of the same reasons as the ASG jerseys. First of, there's literally no color on them. None. The closest they have is grey. Look at the matchup above, there's no visual interest, in terms of color. The logo on the primaries isn't good either, taking a pretty good, but pretty complex logo, draining it's color, and shrinking it to less than a shoulder patch. Look at the pants logo, it's smaller than that! Then they put it in a home-plate shield, added LA, and put it on a base the same color. This makes it almost completely blend into the background. And the 70's style full yoke looks pretty outdated, especially using the ghosted treatment. The arm stripes make it better, but don't make it up. Plus, why does the Away have a hem stripe, but not the Home? As for the Throwback, they're a lot better, due to the better logo and not having the ghost yoke, but they still suffer from being monocromatic. I rank them Home worst, Throwback best, and Away in the middle.

No. 80 - Columbus Blue Jackets, Home Jersey


Again, this one suffers the same problems as the LA jerseys. The Navy Blue is so dark, it almost becomes black, but the the red pants add a nice amount of color. The Full Ghost Yoke is better, having two stripes and actual color, but it doesn't have the arm stripes to save it. I've noticed many times that, from the nosebleeds, it looks like a practice jersey. The logo is a lot better though, and the shoulder patch and cuff star is great. But since it doesn't have LA's logo problem, is more consistent, and have actual color, I'm booting it above LA. But some of y'all may think this is too low, so I chose a memorable picture to make up for it.

No. 79 - Carolina Hurricanes, Alternate Jersey


Remember those stupid black ice jerseys? Yeah, this is barely a step above them. Similar to the last-place jerseys on this list, there's not enough contrast between the dark grey shoulders and the black base, creating yet another ghost-yoke. The shoulder patches get the same treatment, featuring the... NC flag? Speaking of which, why is there even dark grey on the shoulders? There's none on the stripes. And speaking of those stripes, why do they have the team North America effect on them? To replicate a Hurricane? Hurricanes aren't red. Also, not a fan of the white names and numbers. In the image above, your eye is probably drawn to either the back of Mrazek, McKegg, or the guy in the center. Not the logo. And that's true in gameplay, too, because the contrast between that black and white is way too high, meaning this is as high as these jerseys are getting.

No. 78 - Nashville Predators, Home Jersey


This is the first jersey to fill in all of my requirements from earlier: It has actual striping, that striping is consistent, it has a pretty good logo, and great color. Then why so low? Two reasons: YOWS and Punishment. This jersey suffers majorly from YOWS, or Yellow On White Syndrome, when having yellow and white right next to each other causes them to bleed into each other. Not good. This jersey, with almost every stitch of yellow being bordered against white, is a great case study. For example, look at the logo outline, it's barely visible in some spots. Same with the white border on the hem and arms. There's several parts of the jersey where this is an issue, and, coupled with the blue pants, it makes the hem stripe look more like piping. And I feel like there may be a bit too much yellow. But, all that can be easily solved. In fact, it already was. This jersey is a shell of the best modern design unveiled in the 2010s. I own one. The fangs were awesome, the piping framed the logo perfectly, and the additional stripe practically eliminated the YOWS. They proved that those stupid Reebok templates could work, in moderation! I have these in my top 15 NHL jerseys of ALL TIME. And then, when Adidas took over, they were reduced to this. And for that, these jerseys deserve this ranking.

No. 77 - Washington Capitals, Alternate Jersey


I mean, these aren't good. The logo is basically a reverse-italicized Helvetica, in lowercase, with the T oddly broken up, blue, and forced into a hockey stick (because hockey, get it?!). Also, I'm not a fan of all the stars, which somehow manage to make the arms both incredibly busy and completely blank, as well as crowding a logo that is as horizontally-based as possible. Plus, no Weagle. That being said, I like the hem stripes, and am okay with the white yoke, though it pushes it into having too much white. So I feel like this spot is about right.

No. 76 - Edmonton Oilers, Alternate Jersey


If the previous jerseys have too much white, these don't have enough. There are two NHL jerseys that don't have a stitch of White or Vintage White on them: Tampa's Alternate, the last place jersey on this list, and this one. What's the problem with that? White serves a very important purpose in design: Negative Space. Without it, there's no real element(s) that stand out from the background, because there IS NO BACKGROUND. And this jersey proves why. The neon-orange color used here (one of THREE ORANGES Edmonton uses in their branding, by the way) is way too bright, making the stripes look like they're taken from a reflective safety vest, and the navy blue is so close to black, especially without white to put it in perspective, it gives these jerseys a very Halloween-y look. Not good. The striping is also needlessly inconsistent between the hem and the arms, which are so thin they'd disappear if not in the neon orange. Actually, that's the main problem with this jersey, the elements are somehow both blending into each other AND standing out from each other way too much, causing it to be both tame and vibrant. You gotta pick one, and this is what happens when you don't. But even in this scheme, the logo looks great, so it has that going for it.

No. 75 - Colorado Avalanche, Alternate Jersey


This is probably my first controversial ranking in this list, but hear me out. This suffers the common navy-but-practically-black problem, but doubled because the maroon is so dark as well. In fact, there's THREE incredibly dark colors on this jersey, navy blue, dark maroon, and the black center of the logo. It's crazy. And then, the only other color is white. That results in EVERYTHING being way too high contrast, and since the eye is drawn to the point of highest contrast, you bounce from the arm stripe, hem stripe, logo, and yoke. Let's actually talk about that yoke. It's WAY too big, and due to the high contrast with the navy, as well as closeness between the navy, maroon, and black, makes this jersey incredibly top-heavy. Of those 4 things above, my eye tends to mostly rest on the yoke, until I force myself to look elsewhere. And also, while I admire the attempt to modernize the Rockies logo... it isn't working. You need to have that C a bit smaller, and then keep the stripe, and lose the grey outline. It just falls flat to me. And quit it with the flag shoulder patch, people!

No. 74 - Pittsburgh Penguins, Alternate Jersey


This is the first real jump to me. While I hate Pittsburgh, I don't hate this jersey. It's not terrible, and it's miles above Colorado's previously. Good? No. Average? Probably a bit under. But there's definitely things to like about it. I don't mind dropping the triangle on a gold background, and the striping pattern is solid, but I have... other questions. Why are the numbers on the shoulders? It's not like their Stadium Series jerseys where the arms have patches. Why isn't there a hem stripe? Do you want the safety-vest look? I mean, I like the yellow base, and it makes sense if you don't want to go to double-blue and have it stand out from the Home and Road. But I think if you put the sock stripes on the hem, and the numbers on the arm, these boost up to more middle of the pack, but as is, this seems right.

No. 73 - Carolina Hurricanes, Away Jersey


You remember my spiel at the beginning, about how the NHL is unique in that the team logo is the most prominent feature? This jersey's logo is the Rangers-style diagonal text, not, you know, an actual logo. And it's a NICKNAME, which is beyond stupid. There's only one Canes in North Carolina, and it's all the way in Greenville! But seriously, this isn't the XFL, why is a nickname on the jersey? It's just STUPID. It doesn't work, you have to have the logo on the front, or at least somewhere on the jersey. Yeah, there primary logo is nowhere on this jersey. At all. The shoulder is their two-flag logo, there's no pants logo, and the helmet logo is a weird raised and recolored version. And don't get me wrong, I'm NOT a fan of their primary logo, but if it's you're primary logo, it needs to be on there. Also, can we just talk about Carolina's jersey set? There's no consistency. They have four jerseys, all with four different crests, and four different designs. Beyond that, it's pretty basic. Almost too basic. They have the most typical thin-thick-thin pattern ever. No yoke, plain pants, and a generic Rangers text. The subtle flag pattern on the hem, though, awesome. Why isn't it on the arms? Consistency people! But seriously, that Canes mark ruins this.

No. 72 - Nashville Predators, Away Jersey


These are a lot better. While still a shell of the Reebok fang jerseys, separating the yellow and white helps a lot. But, though separated, the yellow and white now compete for dominance. The white is the base, but the yellow fills the yoke, lower arm, and hem, meaning they're in roughly equal areas. When the two brightest colors on the wheel competing create a very bright uniform, which isn't necessarily bad, but there's better ways to do it. Also, they again remind me of the fang jerseys, so this is what they deserve. At least Pekka Rinne scored a goalie goal in them?

No. 71 - Montreal Canadiens, Away Jersey


Okay, if the Avs Alt was controversial, this one is going to start a riot. People love this jersey, and I don't get it. In my opinion, the Habs away is the most overrated jersey in hockey. It’s way too boring, with literally no stripes on the arms, only relatively thin stripes on the hem, and a giant red yoke. That yoke is the prominent feature of the jersey, drawing away from the logo way too much. With the size of the yoke on the Adidas template, plain, single color yokes, with no other features, don’t work. Not to mention it doesn’t even attempt to match the home. If not for the billions of cups, that jersey would be one of the more hated. And it can be vastly improved in one step: put the hem stripe on the arms! Then it probably moves to the top 40. But as is, these are vastly worse than their homes. Still unconvinced? Just google "Montreal Canadiens," and of the Top 25 in game pictures, at least for me, only TWO feature the away jersey. Google knows. And Google is right.

No. 70 - Columbus Blue Jackets, Away Jersey


I really want to put these higher. I really do. But I can't. Look at my complaints for the Canadiens jersey previously... Boring? Check. Thin hem stripes? NO hem stripes. No arm stripes, giant yoke? I mean, there's the full yoke, which would be okay in the 1970s, which makes the sweater top heavy, but in terms of actual striping, no. I mean, the logo is arguably better, and they have the little cuff star, but beyond that? I can't put these higher. Sorry.

Nos. 69 (nice)-68 - New Jersey Devils, Home and Away Jerseys


I mean, there's one real problem with these... Adidas took off the hem stripes from the original. I mean, making all three stripes the same width and squaring the yoke ain't helping, but that's the main problem. The bottoms are distractedly blank in game play. Also, the white and black compete for dominance, which isn't great, and wasn't a problem on the previous version. I feel like that summarizes this jersey overall, a lot of problems Adidas added in, that weren't there before. I think the Away leans into being monochromatic, so the Homes edges them out.

No. 67 - San Jose Sharks, Alternate Jersey


Remember my spiel I gave about black jerseys? Yeah... This is about as black you can get, even the logo. When the most color is in Gus's butt, we got problems. But you've heard that rant at least 5 times so far, and probably will hear it another 5 in the next 68 jerseys (holy shit I have 68 jerseys left (remember to delete this)). So I'm going to talk about a problem that transcends this jersey, and has leaked over onto a third of the rest of the league, but started here. In 2008, San Jose released a black, simplistic Alternate jersey similar to these. Now at the time, San Jose's jerseys were pretty standard: Yoke, Arm Stripes, Hem Stripes, great teal color, the whole nine yards. Then the players were sending in reports: the Alternates weighed less, making players faster. While the fact that they were black is a much more reasonable explanation, the Sharks instead thought it was their simplicity. So they took off the hem stripes. And that was their mistake. These look like pajamas. All jerseys without hem stripes tend to. And these jersey's predecessors started the trend, and these make it worse by removing a good portion of the color, in addition to being black. But the little microchip arm design is nice, so, yay?

No. 66 - Philadelphia Flyers, Alternate Jersey


These jerseys are pretty similar to the ones above, but the benefit from a better logo, hem stripe, and the fact that the shade of orange the Flyers use... it's just great. It really pops. In the picture at the top of this post, where all of the jerseys from the skills competition are next to each other, which one stands out? The Flyers' orange homes. It's such a great shade, but more than that, it's unique, they own it. And here, it's relegated to the secondary color. Bad choice. Also, why are the numbers just the outlines? And the arms' oversized? Is it cause this was originally a Stadium Series design? Then how come the Winter Classics' number aren't oversized? It doesn't make sense, so I think this is where this jersey belongs.

No. 65 - St. Louis Blues, Throwback Jersey


While the last two jerseys don't have enough color, these have too much. They look, uhm, Circus-y, mostly due to having all three primary colors, which is almost never a good idea. The Blue and Red compete for dominance, especially from the side where the red is higher, like on Schenn above. And the yellow is so bright, it draws your eyes to the stripes and back numbers, not the logo. Speaking of numbers... why? Why do they match the slant? It's not Fishsticks bad, but it's a fart in that general direction. If you think about it, you need five versions of each back number: one for if the first digit is one, one for if the last digit is one, one for if the first digit is any other number, one for is the second digit is any other number, and one for if it's a single digit number. That's crazy. And if the first number is something like 9, 8, 6, or 5, then it gets really crowded. And then there's the arm numbers, which should require the same 5 variations above, except that there isn't. There's 3 - a downward slanting front number, a upwards slanting back number, and a straight number for single digits. That means that, for Schenn and Schwartz above, their arm numbers are off center, and for single digits, it just doesn't fit in the V. This is the type of stuff you need to think about when putting angled designs on a hockey jersey, otherwise it'll look gaudy. Actually, that's a good term for these jerseys - gaudy. 66 spot for sure.

No. 64 - New York Islanders, Alternate Jersey


I don't know where to put this jersey. I've had it as far up as the low 50s, and as low as the 70 spot, right behind New Jersey. I like the idea of freeing the NY from the primary, love it actually. And the orange and white really play well with the royal blue base. And I like shrinking the arm stripes too. But, it loses me in some areas. The piping on the hem is trying REALLY hard to be a hem stripe, and almost pulls it off. But not quite. The white shoulder yoke almost works, but not quite. And the orange numbers, you guessed it, almost work. Except that 4, what the heck is that? No. Bad. But, like I said, I like the idea, and a lot of the elements. I probably would've designed something similar to this, if given the opportunity. Maybe it's cause there's too much white? Maybe it's subtly reminding me of those terrible, yet terribly similar Stadium Series jerseys? I don't know, but the two-thirds mark seems about right.

Nos. 63-62 - Arizona Coyotes, Home and Away Jerseys


This is another jersey that is kinda frustrating to me. I think I like them more than most people, but I'd like them even more if they had a hem stripe. I don't know what you'd put on the hem, cause there isn't really anything that'd translate easily. Maybe just the white part of the arms? Whatever it is, this needs something on the hem, badly. Another thing that bugs me is the use of both Vintage White AND Pure White. You need to pick one or the other. Having both makes the Vintage White act less like negative space, which is what White is supposed to be on a jersey, and more like an actual Sand color. Which may have been what they were going for? But if so, why? Just go with the Sand! Your Kachina jerseys have Vintage White on them, use it as a call back! Or just use the pure white! But you need to pick one. But that dark red color? Great, keep that coming, and the Homes get the edge because of it.

No. 61 - San Jose Sharks, Away Jersey.


Again, these jerseys are pretty mediocre. I like the striping pattern, the teal and orange work well with each other. Nice and classic. But there's still a couple issues. As mentioned in the rant for the Alternates, not having hem stripes is a big issue. Add them and they'd rocket up the rankings. But let's do the same game as with the Montreal Aways, google "San Jose Sharks." The first in-game picture of the Away jersey is the 22nd, and that's of their previous, much more teal-heavy Away. This jersey doesn't show up until the 25th. Why? The Sharks OWN teal. It's the best color in the NHL. And yet, this jersey, with the black- and white-heavy striping, logos, and equipment, almost becomes monochromatic. That is an issue. When your primary color almost has more brand equity than your primary logo, all of your jerseys better be heavy in that color. Yet here, black and white are the two main colors, and for that, this jersey suffers.

No. 60 - Vancouver Canucks, Alternate Jersey


I mean, I feel like I should like these. Blue and Green is a really great color scheme, and one that Vancouver completely owns (well, at least until Seattle enters the league...). The stick-n-rink logo is fantastic, combining a, well, stick and rink to form a C. And the striping pattern is solid, and a nice fauxback to their original jerseys. But... I just don't like them. I don't know if it's the brightness of the white compared to the rest of the jersey, or maybe the blue and green need to be separated by white so they don't bleed, or maybe the super-bright collar, or the modern font Vancouver uses (which is great by the way) not working with the fauxback vibe? Or maybe a combination of those? I don't know. But for some reason, I'm not a fan. I'll let y'all know if I figure out why.

No. 59 - Los Angeles Kings, Alternate Jersey


It's an LA jersey, you can probably guess the main problem. Not enough color! While, yes, grey is a unique color to use, as this is the only grey jersey in the NHL, it's still on the black-and-white spectrum, and still produces visually uninteresting games. And, the grey does sometimes give the effect of a dirty white, rather than a pure white. Almost like an anti-vintage white. However, this does get props for having the best striping pattern on a Kings jersey, and maybe dare I say, Kings history? The big, bold, black stripes look classic, and really stand out from the gray, without being overbearing. Two on each sleeve for each Stanley Cup, and one on the hem as a throwback to their original jerseys. Now, could we just free the crown of the baseball plate? Thanks.

No. 58 - Anaheim Ducks, Alternate Jersey


The third Third and second SoCal jersey in a row falls short in a couple areas: Color Scheme and Inconsistency. First the colors. Orange and Beige is definitely a unique color scheme, but there's a reason it's unique. It doesn't work. Orange and Beige (and it's not Bronze unless you have a Golden Knights-type effect) are too close on the color wheel to work together. They never work together. And adding the yellow sticks in the logo is a whole additional level, meaning you have three incredibly similar colors on the same jersey. Not good. And then, for no reason, the hem stripe is different from the arm stripes (which are identical to their Primary jerseys' striping, proving my point in those's write up). At least they DO have hem stripes. And that Mighty Ducks logo is so nostalgia-overrated its almost funny.

No. 57 - Colorado Avalanche, Away Jersey


This is actually pretty similar to the Blue Jackets' Away, but with one crucial difference: It's good. While it's still based on the dated 70's full yoke, it's freshened up by having the mountain effect on the arms. And then on the hem, oh my god it's beautiful! I love the mountain effect. But it sinks for a couple reasons: 1) The black numbers don't make sense to me. There's pretty much no reason for why black is on this jersey at all, as Navy blue is part of their branding, and while I'm still not a fan of Navy, it's miles better than Black. Make them the same maroon as the hem and yoke! And 2) The grey piping. Why isn't it steel blue?! There's not a stitch of steel blue on this jersey, despite being the second most prominent color on the logo. Fix those two things, and this jersey may catch up to their homes.

No. 56 - Edmonton Oilers, Home Jersey


This is the second jump for me. And these probably should be higher up. But they're not, because they're ghosts of two legendary jerseys. Adidas, for reasons unknown, took the Oilers' basically perfect Gretzky-era Home jerseys, merged them with their Reebok WHA throwback alternate, and then darkened the royal blue to navy. Why? And the orange is closer to a coral orange than the burnt orange of those previous alternates. Why? And then they removed the lower arm fill in of the Gretzky jerseys. Why? I don't get it. And I'm 90% sure that this photo was color corrected, cause these look a lot worse in-game than here.

No. 55-54 - Buffalo Sabres, Home and Away Jerseys


Again, these are shadows or a better jersey, but not to the extent of Edmonton's. Again, the classic royal blue (which they're returning to next year) is replaced with navy. And the logo does disappear into the Home jersey a bit, but not as bad as LA's. But the bigger problem is adding grey. It clutters the logo, and the yellow and grey bleed together. Add in the white on the away, and we have the elusive three-way bleeding between grey, yellow, and white! And for the love of god, get rid of those front numbers. But I am a fan of the yellow, it does really pop on the Homes in a great way. And for that, the home gets the edge.

No. 53 - San Jose Sharks, Home Jersey


SO! These jerseys are probably the most infuriating to me on this list. I really want to love these. I really do. In terms of color, these are the best in the NHL. The teal is absolutely amazing. It stands out so much among the NHL. The black and white accent it perfectly, and the tiny splash of orange brings it all together. It's perfect. Almost. Like all of San Jose's jerseys, there's no hem stripe. And I really want to put it higher, and if it had a hem stripe, it'd probably be in the top 25. Maybe the top 15! But there isn't one, and you've heard my rant for that. So it goes here.

No. 52 - Vancouver Canucks, Throwback Jersey


Ok, I might've smudged the rankings to get these to this spot. I like these jerseys, a lot. The black base is perfectly accented by the yellow and red, providing visual interest despite the black base. In fact, I liked them enough to base my Alternate Jersey design for my high school team, the Westerville Warcats, on them. Yep, that's me, number 52! Just like these jerseys. Honestly, I love them. But they lose me on the logo. I don't get the appeal of the Spaghetti Skate. it's way too busy for me, looks like a figure skate, and doesn't get across what a Canuck is. And why do they keep some of the logo background white? Regardless, I have these jerseys right where I want them.

No. 51 - Nashville Predators, Winter Classic Jersey


Design wise, these are solid throwback to the EHL's Nashville Dixie Flyers. They balance yellow and white really well, while also avoiding YOWS completely! But I also have some issues. For one, I'm not sold on the script. As mentioned before, hockey is unique in that it's the only major sport which primarily features the team logo, instead of the player number or... a script. This looks Baseball-esque, and then doubling it up makes it look... collegiate? It's evident it's inspired by a minor league design. Meanwhille, increasing the 11-letter "Dixie Flyers" to the 18-letter "Nashville Predators is a stretch, crowding the script to the point where it closes in on the armpits and the Ls in Nashville and the P in Predators overlap the stripes. Also, not continuing the chest stripe to the back is a trend that needs to end.

No. 50 - Winnipeg Jets, Alternate Jersey


These jerseys are conflicting to me. On one hand, they're pretty solid, with a great double-blue scheme, heavily featuring a beautiful shade of sky blue heavily. And the large amount of white works really well for it. Then why so low? Script, baby. This ain't baseball. It's a good script, with the hidden Jet in the T, but it's a script nonetheless. And the navy blue is close to black. So I think about the midway point is about right.

Nos. 49-48 - Vegas Golden Knights, Home and Away Jerseys


Okay, I lied when I said the Kings had the only grey jersey. The Golden Knights also have a grey home, but this one is much darker, thus avoiding the dirty white effect. But it doesn't avoid the monochromatic effect. There is a fair amount of gold on the jersey, but it's not enough to overcome it. So how'd it get this high? The detailing. You can't see it all that well in the above picture, but the arm stripes, in addition to actually being gold, instead of some dark yellow, have a sagebrush pattern in them. Love it. In addition, the logo has the same effect, as well as some riveting in the helmet. You gotta love those details. Also, it seems like Vegas can't decide it they want red in their branding. There's a thin line on of it on the arms, and a bit in the shoulder patch, but beyond that there's nothing. It seems odd to include only a small amount. I don't know, these are just mediocre. And why are the hems inconsistent? Stop doing that!

Nos. 47-46 - Winnipeg Jets. Home and Away Jerseys


These jerseys are interesting to me. None of the logos are particularly solid to me. The primary has two shades of red, two of grey, navy, and white, all but the last two are nowhere on the jersey. The shoulder patch is too complicated for me. Then they introduce a second blue in the jerseys themselves. Similar to the Blue Jackets, these feature a full-length yoke on the Away that becomes hidden on the Home, but these are better in several ways: 1) No piping, making it actually disappear on the Home, 2) There's striping on the arms to break up the yoke, and 3) There's an actual hem stripe, a single version of the arm to avoid crowding the logo. The double blue scheme is solid, though I'd prefer the striping to be consistent between the two jerseys. All in all, they're pretty solid, which is basically the definition of the 40s. Gimme the Away version.

No. 45 - Ottawa Senators, Alternate Jersey


These jerseys are like the rest of the 40s, pretty solid. The lack of a hem stripe is bad, but the thickest chest stripe in the league helps. The jersey overall works as a light fauxback to the Original Senators, but it also comes across as a modern design, probably due to the lack of hem stripes. In all, this design tries to straddle the line between retro and modern, and really fails at both. The silver O and accents do blend in with the white from a distance, which isn't ideal. However, we've seen a better version of this jersey, in the Reebok Alternate the Senators have had for so many years. And, being originally designed for the stupidly named NHL100 Classic, is seems like a poor choice to use a remake of a better jersey for a once-in-a-century game.

No. 44 - Pittsburgh Penguins, Away Jersey


As far as I'm concerned, these are very close to being much higher on this list, if not for two shortcomings: YOWS and inconsistency. The YOWS isn't too bad, as most of the yellow is either surrounded by black or in a big enough block to not be a huge issue. But it is a problem on the hem and sock stripes. The inconsistency, though, is infuriating. From the bottom up, the sleeve goes black fill, yellow, white, black, yellow fill, white base. The hem goes black pants, yellow, black, white, yellow, white base, flipping the white and black stripes for some reason. The extra yellow stripe on the hem is a problem, looking odd with the rest of the hem. And then the socks just make no sense with the rest of the jersey, going white base, black, white, yellow, white, black, white base. It's like they forgot they had to design the socks, too. Beyond that, you guessed it, pretty solid.

No. 43 - Carolina Hurricanes, Home Jersey


I love these, and really want to rank them higher. I like the heavy use of red. I like taking the traditional thin-gap-thick-gap-thin pattern and shaking it up by having the thick being the same color as the base, and extending it to the bottom of the hem and arms. And I REALLY like the subtle hurricane flag pattern in the hem. But... I can't put them higher than this. For one, that logo is one of the worst in the league. I'd say only the Capitals, Kings, and maybe the Ducks have worse. And secondly, as much as I like the subtlety of these flags, I'd prefer the style of the 1997-2013 jerseys, and if they were on the arms, too. But yeah, it's mainly the logo holding these back.

Honorable Mention - Toronto Maple Leafs, Throwback Jersey - UPDATE: has removed the St. Pats jersey from their database. In addition, the Maple Leafs have donated the produced jerseys to local healthcare workers and first responders. In light of this, the St. Pats jersey has been removed from this Countdown.

No. 42 - Minnesota Wild, Home Jersey


To red, or not to red? That is the question this jersey can't answer. They take the striping pattern from their previous Alternate, move the hem up to a chest stripe and change the thin green line. On the arms and socks, they change it to red. The chest stripe just loses it completely. On top of that, the back numbers have a red outline, while the arm numbers don't. I don't get the inconsistency. The chest stripe has a bigger problem than no consistency with the arms, though, no consistency with the back. Cause it's not there. I don't get why this trend of not continuing chest stripes has become a thing, but I hate it. It doesn't interfere with reading the back numbers, cause the Canadiens have been rocking it since the dawn of time with no problems. It gives the back a whole different feel than the front, and make the back really look like pajamas. It's not Turdburger bad, but it's a fart in that general direction. And then there's no hem stripes, which is a problem. But, there's also some good things in this jersey to get it up this high. For one, the Wild use a beautiful shade of green, dark and foresty without being too dark. And the use of Vintage white instead of pure white lowers the contrast, keeping the focus on the logo. And the Wild have a great logo, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Combining a bear with a forest is, on paper, a terrible idea, but Minnesota pulls it off to perfection.

Nos. 41-40 - Florida Panthers, Home and Away Jerseys


This is the first jersey I've struggled to write a write-up about. I mean, I don't like the half chest stripe, and the lack of a hem stripe, as I'm sure you've guessed from the previous jersey. I like the military themes running through it, most noticeable with the Captain bar above the arm patch. Love that detail. I like the prominence of white on the homes, really makes the jersey pop, without being garish. The tan is just different enough from the white to avoid any YOWS, and accents the logos really well. Still not decided on the shoulder numbers. I don't know, they're pretty solid. The white punch on the Homes edges out the Roads.

No. 39 - Boston Bruins, Alternate Jersey


These jerseys are, again, pretty solid. There's enough yellow to make up for the rich blackness of the base, and avoid being too monochromatic. And the stripes are simple enough, just a yellow and white stripe. Consistent! But there's a LOT of YOWS. The logo, stripes, and back numbers aren't too terrible, but the sleeve numbers and nameplate are. I feel like a thin black outline, like half the width of the white one, would help immensely, and then have a similar effect on the stripes. Except on the nameplate, just get rid of the white. The B is a bold logo choice, as it's interesting to see the Winter Classic collar on a regular jersey. Other than that, it borders on boring. But if you get past the YOWS, it's really good!

Nos. 38-37 - Vancouver Canucks, Home and Away Jerseys


Here is where the competition gets tough. I'd say, from here out is the great jerseys of the NHL. But I feel there's still one divide between these and the elites. It'll be real nitpicky. So, let's nitpick! I really like the blue and green color scheme here, and the striping is classic and beautiful. But I'd like the white and blue stripes to be a tad thicker, and have the hem's bottom stripe continue to the bottom on the Away, to match the arm. And I'm not a fan of the Orca logo. Those are little errors, for sure! I definitely love these jerseys! But at this point, you need perfection, and these aren't perfect. The Away edges out the Home, for me.

No. 36 - New Jersey Devils, Throwback Jersey


Again, these jerseys are really good! I definitely like the Devils as a red and green team over a red and black team, and this jersey manages to avoid being Christmasy. The yoke looks really solid, and the Devils have one of the best logos in the league. The striping loses me, though. The green stripe is different thicknesses and distances between the arm and hem, and I don't get why the stripes are in different orientations on the hem. The red jersey this is based on has worse problems though, with the extra white stripe looking... odd, so this is definitely the better one to pick for a throwback.

Nos. 35-34 - New York Islanders, Home and Away Jerseys


Aside from two things, this jersey is perfect. Orange and blue are great colors to put together, and the two stripes on the hem and arms, with the latter extended to the cuffs, showcase that perfectly. The rich blue is dark enough to provide a solid base without slipping into navy or black territory. But, that collar, man. It's bad. Like REALLY bad. Don't get me wrong, there's a ton of examples of the Adidas collar's monstrosity throughout the league. But that home, going thick to thin to thick again, and the with the little notch going down into the white laces, is the worst in the league. And secondly, I'm not a huge fan of the logo. I like the aspects of it, the hockey stick in the NY and the I pointing to Nassau Coliseum, but when pushed all together within the circle, it becomes... forced? Like I mentioned, you need perfection at this point, and these jerseys are not that. Get them in the Road whites.

No. 33 - Winnipeg Jets, Heritage Classic Jersey


For the purpose of the Heritage Classic, these are fine. Direct throwback to the WHA, with some chain stitching in the logo, and call it a day. And they're pretty good! But I do have some issues, first of the navy does approach black, and I'm not even sure the original Jets wore navy? Darker royal, sure, but not navy. Secondly, the original Jets' logo isn't good. It's based on a glorified Jets wordmark, with a very awkwardly squished Winnipeg underneath, and a Jet over the sun in the upper left. No thanks. Also, I find that the red stripes and other elements get lost at a distance? The high contrast between the white and navy totally beat it to submission. But, it's still a very solid design, and the little Jet on the pants is a fantastic touch. Great for a one-off!

No. 32 - St. Louis Blues, Alternate Jersey


These blew me away. The Blues' blue is a great shade of blue, as true a blue as blue can blue. It's one of the few true blues to come anew i-- Okay, I'll stop. These are fantastic. The blue and yellow play off of each other great, and the note, while it does look a bit more dainty than the normal version, remains one of the best logos in the NHL. And they keep the white from touching the yellow, avoiding YOWS... kinda. They still clash, because this jersey uses Vintage White instead of a pure white, a mistake in my book. Vintage White is a tricky color, as it works really well with some colors, like green, red, black, and in this case, blue, but if you put it with the wrong colors, like orange, grey, pure white, or, in this case, yellow, you run into problems. Here, Vintage White and Yellow are way too close together on the color wheel, making the whole jersey... muddled? Still great, but not crisp. And can we get pants and equipment that actually match the blue of the jersey? Thanks.

No. 31 - Arizona Coyotes, Alternate Jersey


Ah, the Kachina jerseys. A great jersey, no doubt, but one that belongs in its time. As I'm sure you picked up with the Golden Knights and Hurricanes, I love me some in-stripe patterns, and this jersey started it all. And the rest of it is pretty subtle, simple giving a bottom outline of green and a bottom fill a the Coyotes' brick red. All that color, plus the orange and purple found on the patches, bring great diversity to a black jersey. But I'd tweak some things. Firstly, I'd flatten the arm stripes, and make the yoke either rounded or squared off, not pointed. Also flip the yoke colors to better match the arms. And then the logo, hoo boy the logo. It's one of those things that wouldn't work on paper, but is serviceable in reality. I'd still try to get rid of the purple and orange, if at all possible, but it suffices as is. And it's not like the Coyotes have much better in their history.

No. 30 - Edmonton Oilers, Away Jersey


These Aways are 26 spots higher than their Home counterparts. Why? Cause the orange is used way better here, ie. more subtlety. The Oilers' logo is mainly blue (unfortunately navy blue), with a orange accent on the oil drop. These jerseys reflect that. The orange just makes everything pop, the stripes, the yoke, the logo, the name and numbers. Everything just has that vibrant orange keeping up the interest. And the navy somehow manages to stay navy without encroaching on black. Maybe it's because we've seen these with royal blue for 22 years, including the Oilers' finest, so maybe my eyes are just naturally trying to lighten it? Just a theory. Now, are these better than those royal 1980's and 2010's versions? No, not by a long shot. But that doesn't mean these aren't very solid.

No. 29 - Colorado Avalanche, Home Jersey


Like the Oilers above, the other half of this set is separated by quite a bit. The Road versions of this jersey were 57th on this list, almost twice as far back as these guys. Why? This is an example of how much color can influence a design. While the Avs' Away is an example of poor color balancing, this set is about the best in the league at it. That steel blue is absolutely gorgeous, and it works in harmony with the burgundy perfectly. I commended the Mountain pattern on the Away, but here it really shines. I love it, it's like the Kachina or Hurricane flag, but done with a subtlety that's truly beautiful. I think I still would've preferred if the mountains were capped with white snow instead of dull grey, and maybe if the yoke was horizontal, like the hem, but that's really nitty-gritty. And it's a great choice having black pants here, keeps it from being too gaudy. This 100% deserves a top-30 mention.

No. 28 - Chicago Blackhawks, Throwback Jersey


Okay, all this time, I've been ranting about how in order for black jerseys to work, they need to have a bunch of color to even it out. These have literally no color on them, just black and white. Then how in the hell do these manage to get this high? I have no idea. I'm really trying to not like them. They should be out there making boring matchups, but somehow, they work. Maybe they pulled a Maryland on them and made something so bad, so monochromatic it loops around to being good? You can't deny that it's really intense, with a bunch of white lines on black drawing your eyes to it, without grey to lower the impact. I honestly do not understand these jerseys! But somehow, I can't help but loving them.

No. 27 - Minnesota Wild, Away Jersey


It seems cruel to leave these outside of the Top 25. These are great jerseys. The thin-gap-thick striping is completely unique to Minnesota, and they own it. The forest green, as mentioned with their Homes, is rich enough to still be dark green without leaning into navy-esque so-dark-it's-practically-black territory. The choice to have no red, aside from the numbers, is great, allowing that green color to really shine and dominate the jersey when blank, while allowing great balance with the red when customized or on the ice. The only thing keeping these back is the logo. Like the home, it introduces yellow and vintage white, meaning there's three colors very closer to each other on the color wheel right next to each other. The vintage white outline of the logo is completely lost. If it was all pure white, or even vintage white, this would easily make the Top 25.

No. 26 - Buffalo Sabres, Alternate Jersey


Like Minnesota, I really hate leaving these out of the Top 25. I love them. The gold stripes uses the same effect as the Golden Knights, meaning that the stripes are actually gold, not beige or yellow. I like having 5 stripes for 5 decades, as well as the logos within the collar. The grey-outline-less logo is clean and sleek, with some stunning details within the logo, though I'd like to see a blue outline around it. Why? This jersey suffers a bit from YOWS. Not as badly as some other jerseys, but it's still there. I would've really prefered it the gold was outlined in blue. But it's minor, and I love everything else in it. Plus, it's rare to see white at home, and this jersey brought 13 games of it to KeyBank.

No. 25 - Columbus Blue Jackets, Alternate Jersey


I'm sorry, guys. I really want to put these higher. But I can't. I love them, yes, and they're easily the best jersey the Jackets have ever worn. But I still have some qualms. For one, neither the font on this jersey nor the one on the Reebok version really fits the retro feel of the jersey overall. I get that it matches the logo's text, but it still doesn't fit. Secondly, the Vintage White and Grey stripes tend to bleed together pretty badly. And the yoke's outline is a tad thin, and the stripe is a tad thick. I get that this is really nitpicky, but at this point, the rest of this list will be. Still the only jersey in my collection I own two versions of, though, cause it is that good! Just not great enough to get higher.

No. 24 - Dallas Stars, Winter Classic Jersey


I love the simplicity of these. Single white stripe on the arms, hem, and socks, a retro thin shoulder yoke, and a fabulous green color. It's a level of restraint that's really stunning. But it still falls short for me. For one, I'm not convinced on the logo. I get that it's STARS with the A as a star, inside of a big D for, well, the Big D, but an immature part of me can't get past reading it as stDrs. I'm not sure how you fix that, but it's a slight problem. The Canvas pants are interesting to me, as I don't know what else you'd use, but I feel like you need to make the white vintage if you're using Canvas pants, as pure white doesn't work with it. Finally, that number font... hoo. What is that four? It just doesn't fit. Still great jerseys, yes, but not perfect.

Nos. 23-19 - Tampa Bay and Toronto Home and Away Jerseys, Detroit Home Jersey


I've put these five jerseys together because, if you think about it, they're all essentially the same jersey. Single color Homes, with a single white stripe on the arms, hem, socks, and pants. White and color swapped for the Aways, including the logo. The only differences are that Detroit's is red to the Maple Leafs and Lightning's blue, that Toronto's arms get doubled up, and Tampa's pants stripes get turned into a lightning bolt. That's it. It's really a very simplistic, classic, and timeless design that's hard not to admire, but pretty hard to break down. I do have one nitpick for each jersey, however. For Toronto, why are the arms and hems inconsistent? I get that you wanted to do more than change the logo in back 2016, but the two stripe design was fantastic! Why change it? For Tampa, why do you insist on including black in your brand? Worn blank on a fan, and this jersey is just blue and white. I don't get why that has to change on ice. There's so little of it, just number and pants bolt outlines, it seems unnecessary to include it. And for Detroit, why does the hem stripe go all the way to the bottom? It doesn't on the Aways, and it doesn't for either Tampa or Toronto, so why here? But beyond those little nitpicks, these are great, timeless jerseys. I'd rank them: 1) Detroit Home, 2) Toronto Home, 3) Toronto Away, 4) Tampa Bay Home, and 5) Tampa Bay Away.

No. 18 - Boston Bruins, Away Jersey


These are truly great jerseys, but they just miss out on being elite. The logos, great; the design, fantastic; the colors, iconic. They just fall short because they're a bit monochromatic. There's enough yellow to keep it interesting, but like their Alternates at 39, just barely. And like those Alternates, these also suffer a bit from YOWS. The yokes barely have any, and it's all separated in the logo, but the arm and hem stripes have a small issue with it. Not too bad, but enough to keep it from elite.

Nos. 17-16 - Calgary Flames, Alternate and Heritage Classic Jerseys


As I alluded to with the Bruins, this is where the elite jerseys begin. While I got nitpicky with the previous batch, these jerseys, in my mind, have pretty much no flaws. At all. The only thing I would suggest is another small outline around the logo. That's it. The red and yellow play off each other great, the Flaming C is a great logo, the striping pattern is amazing. It's almost a perfect jersey. I'm going to call the Classic the best jersey in the Pacific, over the red Alternate.

No. 15 - Chicago Blackhawks, Away Jersey


Yeah, these are encroaching on monochromatic. But, like their throwback, it works! All the colors in their logo and shoulder patch, both of which are great, not only balance it out, but also make it so that the logos are the main focus. The striping pattern is the best in hockey, having been imitated by god knows how many jerseys. And the pants even match perfectly too! It's just one of the best jerseys in hockey, without question.

No. 14 - Dallas Stars, Away Jersey


It's rare that the remake improves on the original, but the Stars have done it here. The beautiful shade of green Dallas uses, as well as removing one of the black stripes and adding the shoulder yoke completely removes the monochromatic issue. The number font is perfectly Western, and having no outlines allows that green to shine. I love it, and it easily deserves to be one of the best jerseys in hockey.

No. 13 - Pittsburgh Penguins, Home Jersey


Yes, these jerseys are black, but there's easily enough yellow to make these one of the best jerseys in hockey. Terrible team, but great Home jersey. There's practically no YOWS, and the striping is more consistent (the arms is the sock pattern without one of the black center stripes, and the hem is the arm without one of the yellow stripes). And that yellow man. It just truly stands out. There's a reason these jerseys came back.

No. 12 - Boston Bruins, Home Jersey


These are kinda similar to the previous Penguins jersey, but just executed better. The yoke striping is absolutely beautiful, with the striping only on the front and back creating a great effect. The striping pattern is strong and consistent without a smudge of YOWS. And that B wheel is one of the best logos in hockey. As much as I hate the guy in the picture, I can't help but love the jersey.

No. 11 - Detroit Red Wings, Away Jersey


While their Homes are great, these Aways are elite. But they just miss out on the Top 10. Keeping the arms red while changing the shoulder yoke and base to white is one of the greatest innovations in the history of jersey design. It's just great. And moving the red hem stripe up from the hem much improves the design overall. I have no complaints, it just only barely misses out. Consider it my own small revenge for 2009, and a little salt in the wound for this year.

Nos. 10-9 - St. Louis Blues, Home and Away Jerseys


I'm a sucker for the double blue, man. When it was introduced in their 1997 Alternates, you could hear the hockey world collective go "that's exactly what they needed, it's perfect." At least I think. I wasn't alive back then. But it is perfect. The dark blue (which manages to avoid being navy) allows the best logo in the NHL to stand out on the Homes, while providing the perfect accent on the Aways. The yellow adds a great splash of bright color, and YOWS is avoided completely. It's just perfect. They moved to a much worse, but more modern design with the Edge takeover, but when they returned to the 97/98 design in 2014, these both jumped into the Top 10. Absolutely stunning, but I'm contractually obligated to give the edge to the Homes.

Nos. 8-7 - Philadelphia Flyers, Home and Away Jerseys


I mean, these guys are fantastic. Look at them! The orange is absolutely stunning. The thinned-out yoke bending at the ends around the extended black cuff is perfection. And the logo, just short of the Blues. It's seriously amazing. I honestly can't think of a single complaint. They just speak for themselves! I want one. I want 10. They're great, especially the Home oranges.

No. 6 - New York Rangers, Home Jersey


The Rangers here begin what I like to call "White Hem Row." Why? Because the bottom white hem stripe continues to the bottom. Here we begin with the Rangers. Now, I hammered on Carolina's Away 68 jerseys ago for having diagonal text in place of a logo, so how do the Rangers get so high? The diagonal text practically IS their logo, to the point where having a logo on the front looks weird. In fact, whenever another team adopts this design, it's typically referred to as "Rangers-style text." The drop shadow, the striping, all great. I'm not sold on the pants, but no complaints beyond that.

No. 5 - Dallas Stars, Home Jersey


White Hem Row continues with the Stars! While red is replaced with black, the blue is somehow upgraded to a the Stars' fantastic shade of green. It's just so good. When you look at, this, the Sharks, and the Flyers' jerseys stand out the most. They're absolutely fantastic. The striping is perfectly consistent, and the font is still great. It's bold, it's colorful, and it definitely belongs in the Top 5.

No. 4 - Chicago Blackhawks, Home Jersey


And White Hem Row concludes in Chicago! The small complaints I had for the Away disappear, with the black and white perfectly accenting the beautiful red base. The colors of the logo still stand out great, and there's no denying these are absolute classics. My only complaint is that they didn't also double up the arm stripes, but it's not enough of issue to drag these great jerseys down. Another jersey I'm proud to own, and proud to call the best in the West.

No. 3 - New York Rangers, Away Jersey


While the Home version of these are great, these are easily a step above. The thin white stripes separating the red and blue are really eye popping, while still maintaining a connection to the Home. But my god, that yoke. It's beautiful. Having the little whiskers is great, like a mini version of the Home stripes, and squaring it off is a fantastic decision. And the diagonal text allows all the other elements to shine. This is easily the best Road jersey in the NHL.

No. 2 - Montreal Canadiens, Home Jersey


The two Montreal Canadiens jerseys are separated by a whopping SIXTY-NINE (nice) spots, and it's not without reason. While the Roads are boring and unbalanced, these are absolute perfection. The chest stripe is a design element the Habs have owned for so long it's hard to not think of them when anyone else uses it. It then continues perfectly onto the arms, creating an interest miles above their Aways. The hem keeps things from getting too complicated by thinning it out to two identical stripes. The logo is bold and iconic. Add in the fact they've won 101 Cups, and it'd be hard for these to not be the best in the league...

No. 1 - Carolina Hurricanes, Throwback Jersey


...if these puppies weren't brought back. Feast in the glory of the Whale! The design community collectively freaked out in excitement when the best logo in NHL, nay, hockey, nay, SPORTS HISTORY came back. The W flowing perfectly into the Whale tail is amazing, strong, bold, everything, and then the H in the middle! I'd bet a billion dollars you can't find a better use of negative space in the world. It's perfection! And then the colors, hoo boy the colors. I commended the Canucks on their blue and green scheme, but the Whalers swapped it, lightened both, then applied it perfectly to this jersey. The single on the arms, doubled on the hem, the slight angle on the arms perfectly reflecting the tail! There's absolutely nothing wrong with it! It's perfection, it's the epitome of design, and it's easily the best jersey worn this year in the NHL! Hail to the Whalicanes!

So, that's my rankings, all 96 of them. I think I have them all in the right general areas, but there's definitely room for argument! So feel free to sound off in the comments. Except for the One and 96, those can't change. Here's your CBJ pallet cleanser: