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The Cannon Cast Episode 97: Hockey’s official return, Monsters impact

What’s better than the gift of hockey?

It’s the week of Christmas and perhaps the best present we could have received was the gift of hockey!

As we talked about last week on The Cannon Cast, hockey is back and now everything is official, down to the exact look of the newly formed divisions. Which is especially unique given the Blue Jackets will match up against both the Lightning and Stars, both of last fall’s Stanley Cup combatants, in this year’s Central Division.

On this edition of The Cannon Cast we talk about:

  • Hockey’s return on Jan. 13 and how the schedule might look?
  • How return to play effects the AHL and how things might work for the Cleveland Monsters?
  • Helmet ads for added revenue

and much more!

Our theme music is the song “Green Eyes,” by Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons off of their album “Homemade Vision.” Angela’s newest album is called “4:30” and you should listen to it! Check her out at, and you should also check out Angela Perley on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for videos and live-streamed concerts from her home during this stay at home period.

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