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Let’s talk NHL division realignment

Subject to change, but I like the way it looks right now.

2019 Honda NHL All-Star Game - Metropolitan v Atlantic Photo by Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

With little else to talk about in the world of hockey except a tenuous return to play on January 13, the league is now tasked with pulling this off as safely and as reasonably as possible - which ushers in a restructuring of how the divisions are, well, divided.

Here’s what the Twittersphere is saying on the matter:

Okay, cool. Fifty-six games, I’ll take it. That’s a good start.

Hate to break this news, but to actually end a season that is started, teams are going to have to leave their own buildings. So now, let’s talk restructuring the divisions to make travel and geography make a little sense.

Picture this:

I like this! See ya, Pittsburgh! Hello, Detroit. St. Louis in the Pacific division is a little weird, but I suspect some shuffling will occur when we welcome Seattle to the mix. Maybe resulting in Buffalo up to the Canada division? Someone remember that I said that.

Here’s some perfectly clear logic about having an all-Canadian division:

Here’s some more context as to why divisions are shaking out this way:

What do y’all think? I am human, therefore resistant to change, but sports news in 2020 has been so dull that I am welcoming a paradigm shift in the structure of the league. I also think a lot of these changes make sense, given the constraints and realities of trying to play sports in a raging, uncontrolled pandemic. Sound off in the comments - what makes sense and what would you like to see change?