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Ranking the Cleveland Monsters giveaways

The Cleveland Monsters have eight awesome giveaways this season. We let you know which one is the best.

Philadelphia Flyers v Columbus Blue Jackets

A few weeks ago the Cleveland Monsters released their 2019-20 Promotional schedule complete with eight giveaways. This year’s giveaways did not disappoint. It was pretty hard to rank them but it had to be done.

Below is the ranking of Monsters giveaways for the 2019-20 season.

8. Magnetic Schedule

Opening weekend is just around the corner for the Monsters. On Friday, October 11th fans will get to see the newly renovated Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse and take home a magnetic schedule of the 2019-20 season.

These bad boys are courtesy of University Hospitals Sports Medicine. Putting the schedule on your fridge will be a great reminder of who to call when you’re bleeding after an intense game of mini sticks in the kitchen.

7. Monsters Touchscreen Winter Gloves Giveaway

Courtesy of WGU Ohio, the Monsters are giving away touchscreen winter gloves on Saturday, December 28th. Perfect timing as it will likely be -30 degrees in the Gateway Plaza once the sun goes down.

As someone who can’t always use my phone due to frozen fingers, I appreciate this giveaway more than anyone could ever know.

6. The Purple Game Light Up Cheer Stick

The Purple Game is often one of the highest attended games of the season. Fans come out in droves to support the American Cancer Society and get a glimpse of the purple jerseys the players wear.

This year fans will receive a light up cheer stick to use during the pregame festivities. It’s going to be lit.

5. Hockey Glove Ice Scraper

You know what is scarier than Friday the 13th? Realizing you’re going to be late to a Monsters game because your windshield is covered in ice. After Friday, December 13th, this won’t be an issue as the Monsters are giving out ice scrapers, courtesy of Cargill, in the shape of a hockey glove.

What could be more Ohio hockey than that? Nothing!

4. Aviator Sunglasses Giveaway

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? Well then, come on down to Top Gun Tribute Night on Saturday, April 4th and grab a pair of these babies. They will take your breath away.

Hopefully, the Monsters win that night so you don’t lose that loving feeling.

3. Cleveland Rocks Retro 100.7 WMMS “The Buzzard” T-Shirt

Fans of Cleveland rock will be treated to a “The Buzzard” shirt designed by CLE Clothing Co. on Friday, January 31st.

I’m a big fan of this giveaway. Our house is almost always filled with the sounds of WMMS and I often steal my mom’s 25th Anniversary shirt. Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m not sorry. It’s a really cool shirt.

2. WWE Championship Belt Fanny Pack

Paging WWE fans! The Monsters are hosting WWE Night on Friday, February 28th. Talk about a unique and fun idea. I hope these fanny packs make an appearance the next time the Monsters win the Calder Cup.

1. Blue JacketsOliver Bjorkstrand “Calder Cup Winning” Bobblehead

Speaking of Calder Cup champions the Monsters are giving away an Oliver Bjorkstrand “Calder Cup Winning” bobblehead (courtesy of Dominion Energy) on Friday, March 6th.

Bjorkstrand is the true hero of Cleveland sports. Not looking at you Lebron. Celebrate Bjorky and the rest of the Columbus Blue Jackets by attending the game.

For the love of God, please do not wear Pittsburgh Penguins attire to this game.