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The Cannon Cast Episode 27: CBJ point predictions, Jones-Werenski and a certain playoff game from 2014

Who are you booking on Cameo?

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We’ve officially done more than half a year of the Cannon Cast! This week, elpalito makes his Cannon Cast debut and we’re talking about new point predictions that say the Columbus Blue Jackets will finish...well, anywhere, really. We’re also discussing Seth Jones-Zach Werenski (and Z’s missing deal), 2014 Game 4, and what hockey personality we’d pay money to get a video from.

In this episode, we also talk about:

  • Will the CBJ crack 90 points, like some are predicting?
  • How important is chemistry?
  • Were do Jones and Werenski rank among NHL defensemen?
  • We’re still not worried about Werenski’s lack of a deal, right?
  • Are we overhyping the prospects?
  • How great was Game 4 of the 2014 opening round?
  • What’s up with hockey players on Cameo? a lot more.

We mention Sean Tierney’s point projections, the CarterHud Blog’s CBJ preview, Rachel Bules’ Zach Werenski post and William Chase’s other Werenski post. We also can’t forget the Game 4 retrospective.

Our theme music is the song “Green Eyes,” by Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons off of their album “Homemade Vision.” Angela recently released a new album called “4:30” that you should listen to! Go check her out at

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