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Cannon Blasts : We go from a lackluster draft straight into a free agency frenzy

2019 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday!!

Let’s kick this week’s Cannon Blasts off with something quirky and fun. We all got together and picked a cheesy 80s song for the Columbus Blue Jackets to rally behind. There were a few winners in there.

Also, the preseason AND regular season schedules for 2019-20 were released for the Jackets.

On this week’s episode of The Cannon Cast, the group discusses how cool it is to be under six feet tall, what the Metropolitan teams have been up to, and who we are looking forward to see in development camp.

This year’s draft was a bit anticlimactic for the Jackets. They went from having two picks total (one in the 3rd round and one in the 7th) to having three picks (two in the 4th, one in the 7th).

The Jackets were able to pick up defender Eric Hjorth, left winger Dmitri Voronkov, and center Tyler Angle in this year’s draft.

The end of the draft means the start of the development camp from June 25th - 28th. Development Camp is your best chance at seeing what younger prospects bring to the table. You can find the schedule here.

As the Jackets speed towards free agency, the Cannon previewed the forwards and defense/goaltenders who were set to hit the market as restricted free agents.

Almost all of the Jackets RFAs were offered qualifying offers. Eric Robinson accepted his the same day one was offered.

So, now we hit the real question on everyone’s minds. Are any of the Jackets marquee unrestricted free agents sticking around for the 2019-20 season? It doesn’t look too good.

Cleveland Monsters

The Monsters made a few changes last week. Chris Clark was named the general manager of the team. While, Mike Eaves stepped into the roll of head coach for the squad. You can read up a bit on the newest head coach here.

We also discuss Eaves a bit more in last week’s episode of The Cannon Cast.