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Cannon Blasts: Gotta Catch Em All

Boston Bruins v Columbus Blue Jackets - Game Six Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday!!

For the remainder of the off season, Cannon Blasts will be posted on Wednesday mornings. It’s a nice little way to get through humpday during the summer.

With that being said, we have TWO “The Cannon Cast” episodes to tell you about!

Las week we spent a good chunk of time saying goodbye to former Cleveland Monsters Head Coach John Madden. As well as, discussed the future of the Columbus Blue Jackets’ goaltending stability and our favorite place to vacation.

This week we discussed Ryan Murray’s trade value, Matt Duchene, and Veini Vehvilainen. Also, we discussed the hardest hit question of all “what is the best eeveelution?”. Thanks @chiguy8506 for the pod question.

We also took the question to twitter. While none of us agreed on the best eevelution we did agree that Leafeon is the most adorable of the eevelutions.

Speaking of twitter, we asked our followers what their first NHL jersey was and the NHL jersey they wished they owned. There were many amazing answers to this question. In the beginning a lot of people said “Geoff Sanderson”. Which we think is the best answer to the first jersey owned question. As the week went on, fans from all over the league began to tell us about their first and wish NHL jerseys. Head to twitter and read through the responses. There are some great ones in there.

We will continue to ask “Getting to know you” questions on social media this summer. We want to get to know you guys! If you have any ideas of questions to ask the masses, let us know!

Last week, long time Jackets fan, Justin Needham signed a 7-year season ticket holder deal with the team. On Monday, they sent him this neat press release to memorialize the big event.

Makes you want to buy multi-year season tickets, right!?

Speaking of signings, the Blue Jackets and goaltender Veini Vehvilainen agreed to a two-way entry level contract. It appears he will be starting the 2019-2020 season in Cleveland.

We’ve released a ton of 2018-19 Jackets player reviews over the past week and a half. Check out the hub for any of the players you have missed, here.

Cleveland Monsters

We kicked off the 2018-19 Cleveland Monsters player reviews this week. They will be released every night util the start of the draft. You can check out Adam Clendening, Alexandre Texier, Eric Robinson, and Matiss Kivlenieks in the 2018-19 Monsters Season Reviews Hub.

Ohio Hockey News

The Toledo Walleye were taken down by the Newfoundland Growlers in the Kelly Cup Finals. The loss didn’t stop over 800 fans from celebrating their successful season.

Ohio, we have some deep love for our sports teams. There is no doubt about that.

Sports News Around Ohio

The Women’s World Cup started this week. Yes, I know the USWNT is not a sports team in Ohio BUT Ohio is in the United States. So, the heading still counts.

If you’re curious who the Top 50 players are in this year’s World Cup, SB Nation put together quite the list. You can peruse that here.

SB Nation also put together a list of the teams who are the most fun to watch.

The USWNT kicked things off with a historical bang beating Thailand 13-0. Yes, my friends, 13 to zero. 13. God Bless America, what a score!

You know we couldn’t resist making a Montreal Canadiens joke about this score either.

A ranking of the 13 goals here.

Don’t know much about the USWNT? That’s ok! Here is a ranking of all 23 players by how important they are to winning the cup.

Listen, no other sports matter this week. Go watch women’s soccer.