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The Cannon Cast Episode 43: What does John Tortorella owe us?

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We’re looking for some consistent lines—on the ice and from the podium

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Well, we did it again. We recorded another episode of The Cannon Cast on a Monday night while the Columbus Blue Jackets played the Washington Capitals, and guess what? The Blue Jackets won. We talk about how injuries have forced the inconsistent CBJ to see what the youngsters can offer, and how maybe that’s a good thing? We also discuss John Tortorella’s media prickliness and what he owes the media and us, the fans. Plus, we talk a little about the last week up in Cleveland.

  • What did we think about the team’s up-and-down-and-down week?
  • How painful was that Pittsburgh game?
  • Are we at that point in the season where they should just play the kids?
  • Are players too afraid under Torts?
  • What does Torts owe us when he speaks?
  • Should there be more give and take between Torts and the media? a lot more.

We also talked about “Between Two Goals,” which you can find on the Cleveland Monsters’ Twitter account.

Our theme music is the song “Green Eyes,” by Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons off of their album “Homemade Vision.” Angela’s newest album is called “4:30” and you should listen to it! Go check her out at

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