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A view from the parapet: Metro rounding into shape

Our bi-weekly look at the rest of the Metro division

NHL: DEC 09 Blue Jackets at Capitals

Being a blog about the Columbus Blue Jackets and being read primarily by Blue Jackets fans, it’s perfectly natural that our focus remains inside our own lines. However, this season, we’ll take a peek over the breastworks to see just what the opposition is doing. This bi-weekly series will give a our fellow Cannonites a little intelligence on the rest of the Metropolitan Division

*Game results listed from 11/25 through 12/11

Carolina Hurricanes

11/27 – Loss to NYR

11/29 – Loss to Nashville

11/30 – Beat Tampa Bay

12/3 – Loss to Boston

12/5 – Beat San Jose

12/7 – Beat Minnesota

12/10 – Beat Edmonton

The Hurricanes completed this segment just over .500 with a 4-3-0 record. Lots of name teams in that bunch, though San Jose, Tampa, and Nashville haven’t been as good this year. Carolina is now riding a 3 game win streak, which is good, but another Metro team was slightly better so Carolina has lost ground. The Atlantic still can’t get out of their own way, so Carolina currently has a decent cushion in the Wild Card race.

Where they rank in the Metro: Mid-World (Wild Card)

Trending: Down

CanesCountry General Mood: “I now love Chara.” Canes fan after seeing Zdeno Chara fight Tom Wilson

New Jersey Devils

11/26 – Loss to Minnesota

11/28 – Beat Montreal

11/30 – Loss to NYR

12/2 – Loss to Buffalo

12/3 – Loss to Vegas

12/6 – SO Loss to Chicago

12/7 – Loss to Nashville

12/10 – Loss to Dallas

Only the Detroit Red Wings can really divert attention from the train wreck in Jersey. 3 points out of a possible 16 this segment and John Hynes was shown the door. All this team has right now is the ability to play like derriere for Lafreniere. It doesn’t matter how bad the Jackets get…they won’t get this bad. The Devils are still in single digits in the win column.

Where they rank in the Metro: At the bottom

Trending: Even

All About the Jersey General Mood: “It’s time to worry about the entire franchse.” Some Devils fans want to focus on a 19 yo forward. This guy probably has a better perspective.

New York Islanders

11/25 – Loss to Anaheim

11/27 – Loss to Los Angeles

11/30 – Beat Columbus

12/2 – Beat Detroit

12/3 – Loss to Montreal

12/5 – Beat Vegas

12/7 – Loss to Dallas

12/9 – Beat Tampa Bay

If it bleeds, we can kill it. The New York Islanders had their worst stretch of the season – those first two losses were part of a THREE game losing streak. Pathetic!! Well. Relatively. The Isles have squandered their games in hand advantage over the Capitals but are still, by percentage points, just about even with them. They banked points early in the season and can easily handle a little hiccup.

Where they rank in the Metro: Top three

Trending: Even

Lighthouse Hockey General Mood: “Ho-Sang and a fifth for Galyenchuk(sic).” This might be something worth researching. Is Ho-Sang and a fifth their version of MMP?

New York Rangers

12/25 – Beat Minnesota

12/27 – Beat Carolina

12/29 – OT Loss to Boston

12/30 – Beat New Jersey

12/2 – Loss to Vegas

12/5 – Beat Columbus

12/6 – Loss to Montreal

12/8 – Beat Vegas

12/10 – Loss to Los Angeles

This was a pretty decent stretch for the Rangers as they earned 11 of a possible 18 points with only the loss to LA coming in as a really bad result. New York has climbed to mid-pack in scoring goals and keeping pucks out of the net, but their PK is still the pits. Alexandar Georgiev continues to outplay Henrik Lundqvist by a fair margin, but is also still firmly the backup. That is all the proof one needs that the Rangers aren’t interested in contending this year. If the Rangers finish the season anything other than 6th in the Metro, we’d be shocked.

Where they rank in the Metro: Bottom three

Trending: Even

Blueshirt Banter General Mood: “I can see bottom 5 in standings as a prediction. But the Rangers plenty of actual talent. They’re just not good.” That makes perfect sense to me, actually.

Philadelphia Flyers

11/25 – Beat Vancouver

11/27 – Beat Columbus

11/29 – Beat Detroit

11/30 – Beat Montreal

12/3 – Beat Toronto

12/5 – Loss to Arizona

12/7 – Beat Ottawa

12/11 – Loss to Colorado

The Flyers are still what they were 2 weeks ago – a mid-table Metro team in a Wild Card spot. However, their results this segment have been far more impressive. No OT or SO games and while their wins didn’t come against a strong slate, kudos for whomping the Maple Leafs. There are some clouds on the horizon though. Travis Konecny - the team leader in goals, assists, and points – is out indefinitely due to a concussion.

Where they rank in the Metro: Mid-World (Wild Card)

Trending: Even

Broad Street Hockey General Mood: “Nickelback isn’t that bad, and I say that as someone who listens to a boatload of music and also does not like their music.” What the actual…what!? This is the worst take on BSH ever.

Pittsburgh Penguins

11/25 – Beat Calgary

11/27 – Beat Vancouver (8-6!)

11/29 – Loss to Columbus

11/30 – Loss to St. Louis

12/4 – Beat St. Louis

12/6 – Beat Arizona

12/7 – Beat Detroit

12/10 – Loss to Montreal

The Penguins just keep those legs pumping. They’ve moved from treading water to making a bit of headway as they slide into the top three in the Metro standings for now. It’s impressive what they are doing considering their injuries and Matt Murray apparently completing his transformation into a pumpkin. They are a Top 5 team in scoring goals without a lot of help from their 24th-ranked power play unit. If any team in the Metro Top 5 falters, you’d have to think it will be Pittsburgh due to their troubles but… I’ll go ahead and wait to see it before I believe it.

Where they rank in the Metro: Top three

Trending: Up

Pensburgh General Mood: “Do you ever see a scenario where Jarry could be kept as the #1 and trade Murray’s rights?” Didn’t think there would be a goalie controversy in Pittsburgh, quite honestly.

Washington Capitals

11/27 – Beat Florida

11/29 – Beat Tampa Bay

11/30 – Beat Detroit

12/3 – Beat San Jose

12/4 – Beat Los Angeles

12/6 – Beat Anaheim

12/9 – Loss to Columbus

12/11 – Beat Boston

The Caps made up for their worst stretch of hockey by going into a 6 game winning streak. That’s some good work too – two good Atlantic teams and a sweep of the California road trip. They stumbled against our very own Columbus Blue Jackets before picking off Boston. The Capitals are good. Here’s our conundrum… is this a Washington team gunning for another Stanley Cup? Or is this a return to the old Caps who could dominate a regular season and crap out in the 2nd round? I hope the latter because it’d be hilarious.

Where they rank in the Metro: Top of the Metro

Trending: Up

Japers’ Rink General Mood: “Last night’s fantastic game against the Bruins has washed away all memories of Monday night!” Well, for a brief period, the CBJ were in their heads.

Thanks for reading. Here’s your palate cleanser.

NHL: DEC 09 Blue Jackets at Capitals