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The season so far (in photos)

Figured I might as well post these somewhere.

Boone Jenner, Oct. 16 2019.

So, I have this wonderful gig where I take photos at all the home games. This is my second season doing it — I love it — I’ve just been teaching myself along the way.

I shoot with my own Canon T6 Rebel, which I would NOT recommend for sports, for any of you who are perhaps in the market for a new camera and also might be interested in shooting hockey. It’s not great for videos. It takes beautiful photos if you use it correctly, which I’m sure I don’t. It’s fine, I’m making it work.

Hockey is hard to shoot! The scenery is so bright and white, so there’s a lot of room for overexposure — it took awhile for me to figure out the best settings for those conditions. Also, those players are FAST. I think an artfully blurry, in-motion action shot is cool every once in awhile... but it’s not cute if that’s the only type of photo you can take.

Not to mention you’re either shooting through smudgy, smeared glass or sticking your lens through a hole and hoping you don’t take a puck to your expensive camera and/or your eye socket.

Anyways, I’ve compiled some of my favorites from the season so far. Note: they are not edited, as I am both a photography purist who doesn’t love super doctored photographs and I also may or may not be currently locked out of my Adobe Photoshop account because I forgot the password.

A final note: Since I can’t really compete with the action shots taken by the $10,000 beautiful amazing 3-foot long sports cameras that actual professionals shoot games with (mine are perfectly average in comparison to these), I really try and focus on capturing what I consider to be “personality pics” — moments that show the players being humans as well as athletes.

Here are my favorites from the season so far, with my own personal color commentary provided:

This is the pre-game arena from the press box. I definitely took this on my iPhone 8.

For some reason, I always catch crispy close-ups of Boone.

One of my favorite players to photograph is Vladislav Gavrikov. He always looks like he’s having a good time with his teammates, and his facial expressions are my favorite.

And, my personal favorite so far...

Another player I love photographing is Seth Jones. It’s a fun challenge to try and catch him without his mouth open.

A rare Werenski smile!

Ope, it’s gone.

Not sure if it’s even possible to take an unflattering picture of Alexander Wennberg.

Here’s an unfortunate shot of PLD taking Tyler Seguin’s stick to the nose:

Finally, it’s Movember. David Savard’s time to shine.

Okay, I think I’ll cap it at these. I’ll post more as the season progresses! Thanks for viewing.