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Quickcap: Jackets shut down the Penguins

Fast, furious, and fun to watch.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images

This is always a high-intensity, high-energy game, and tonight was no different.

I’ll keep it brief, for now:

Atmosphere = great. Dare I say... 2019 playoff vibes in some moments? I was a little nostalgic, in a very good way.

Aggression = palpable. When asked in the post-game presser about Joonas Korpisalo throwing a punch, Torts laughed and said “I didn’t see it.”

Scoring = abundant. Gustav Nyquist with a hat-trick! Nationwide hasn’t seen one of those in a minute. Overall, one goal in the first period, three in the second, and another one in the third for a total of five goals to the Penguins’ two. How refreshing.

Oliver Bjorkstrand = killing it. On a six-game point streak right now, which is now tied with his career record he set last season.

Lines = interesting. I like seeing Dubois with Josh Anderson — here’s hoping PLD will spur Josh out of his current inexplicable stagnation.

Overall = a great outcome against a pesky team.

Tomorrow = not as simple. The Islanders will present a tight defense, with less scoring opportunities. Plus, this is the fourth game for the Jackets in six days, so they’ll have to fight any fatigue they feel. Hopefully they’ll carry this game’s momentum and bring the same urgency and excitement to Long Island.

Check back for a full recap first thing tomorrow!