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What we’re thankful for this year

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at The Cannon

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Celebrates Its 80th Year

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope you enjoy your holiday with family or friends or however you choose to celebrate it. In what I’m trying to make an annual tradition, I’ve asked the staff to share some things they are thankful for this year, both in hockey and outside of it.



I’m thankful for the youth and newcomers to the Jackets. And to the T6 defensemen. They make the team worth watching most of the time. At least, one can hope for good hockey from them before they all get benched in the third period. The Jackets, no matter how crappy, are still my go to team.


I’m happy and thankful for Mrs. Palito and Kidpalito who are an endless source of smiles when everything else is gloomy. Jobs are lame, friends are far away, lottery tickets never pan out, and good radio stations don’t exist -- but I can count on those two to keep the fires burning.

Ryan Real


I know it’s a new season, but the first-round sweep took place in 2019 so I’m counting it. Watching Artemi Panarin pot that empty-netter for a 5-3 lead was legitimately one of the happiest moments of my life. Sure, they left, and who knows what happen this year and beyond, but nobody can ever take away Columbus pulling off one of the greatest upsets in professional sports history. Those YouTube clips still keep me warm. In that vein, I’m also thankful for SpecmenceCBJ’s YouTube channel. Still thankful for Cam as well, production notwithstanding.


I am an obscenely lucky person and extremely grateful. My wife and I are expecting our first child in March (just like Cam!) and everything’s going well on that front so far. I’ve produced 40 straight weeks of a podcast, which is kind of mind-boggling. I always have people to play Destiny with. I’m very thankful.

Rachel Bules


I’m thankful for the new beginnings this team gets to experience this season, because it’s allowing a lot of solid, young players to shine. It’s been really fun to watch, albeit occasionally frustrating. Such is life! I’m thankful for all of the wonderful people that the CBJ organization has connected me with. Writing for The Cannon has been such an amazing way to get closer to the team and the people who support them.


I’m thankful to have graduated from The Ohio State University this year, and to have been able to travel all summer and come back to my dear Columbus for the start of hockey season. I’m grateful for my first “real” job at a marketing agency and I’m glad my schedule allows me to attend, photograph, and write about every home CBJ game. Finally, I’m thankful for the friends and family I am so fortunate to have supporting me through all my ups and downs.

William Chase

My CBJ thing I’m thankful for is a power play that is top 15 (as of this writing) but really it’s the youthful stardom.

Pale Dragon


I’m so pleased to see a strong start from Pierre-Luc Dubois. I admit I had some concerns before the season whether he could be as productive without Artemi Panarin. Thankfully he has shown so far that he can make plays on his own. He has been the obvious team MVP so far, leading the Jackets in both goals and points.


I’m thankful for this site. In the past year, I had my interim tag removed, and I’m grateful to SBNation for the opportunity and for their support. I appreciate the way Elaine, Ryan, Will, and MrSwift stepped up and handled coverage during the historic postseason. I’m so excited to bring elpalito and Rachel on board as writers, to share their unique voices and perspectives with you.

Finally, I’m thankful for YOU, dear readers. I’m honored and humbled that people read what I write. I also enjoy reading what you have to write in the comments. I’m thankful there is this place online to have intelligent conversations with fellow Jackets fans.

Please let us know in the comments what you are thankful for this year.