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A view from the parapet: Can Penguins tread water?

Our bi-weekly look at the rest of the Metro division

Columbus Blue Jackets v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Joe Sargent/NHLI via Getty Images

Being a blog about the Columbus Blue Jackets and being read primarily by Blue Jackets fans, it’s perfectly natural that our focus remains inside our own lines. However, this season, we’ll take a peek over the breastworks to see just what the opposition is doing. This bi-weekly series will give a our fellow Cannonites a little intelligence on the rest of the Metropolitan Division

*Results listed through 11/13 through 11/24

Carolina Hurricanes

11/14 – Beat Buffalo

11/16 – Beat Minnesota

11/19 – Beat Chicago

11/21 – Loss to Philadelphia

11/23 – Beat Florida

11/24 – Beat Detroit

We think the ship can be considered ‘righted’. The Canes won 5 of their 6 games in this 2 week period. They didn’t do it against the toughest slate, but the points in the standings still count. Carolina has stopped their descent and are back in a playoff spot as they are generally a top 10 team in the basic team categories like scoring goals and not letting your opponent score goals.

Where they rank in the Metro: Top Three

Trending: Up

CanesCountry General Mood: “Isn’t is possible with more playing time to ‘round into form’ that Fleury would be even better statistically than he shows here?” Canes fans seem to have their own young player who should/should not be receiving more ice time. Those are always fun debates, right?

New Jersey Devils

11/13 – Loss to Ottawa

11/15 – Beat Pittsburgh

11/16 – Beat Montreal

11/19 – Loss to Boston

11/22 – Loss to Pittsburgh

11/23 – Beat Detroit

Playing .500 hockey isn’t a bad thing for a team trying to stay afloat. We suppose the question is should they be trying? Cory Schneider was finally shown the exit and is in the AHL. It feels like a steep nosedive after years of above average play. I don’t follow this team much, but it doesn’t feel like they should be this bad.

Where they rank in the Metro: At the bottom

Trending: Even

All About the Jersey General Mood: “It’s not that our team gets overly tired, it’s that Hynes’ system does NOT freaking work for us.” For Columbus fans, it’s the dreaded 2nd period. Devils fans feel that way about the 3rd period.

New York Islanders

11/13 – Beat Toronto

11/16 – Beat Philadelphia

11/19 – Beat Pittsburgh

11/21 – Beat Pittsburgh

11/23 – OT Loss to San Jose

The Islanders are a train that keeps a-rollin’ on down to San Antone. 9 out of a possible 10 points this segment and a point streak at 17 games. There are hacks out there who think this is just a PDO thing – it’s 2019 and some people still use PDO – but a 100 games of great defense, great goaltending, and enough offense seems like an actual recipe for success for New York. Mathew Barzal is the leading point, goal, and assist man for the Islanders.

Where they rank in the Metro: Top three

Trending: Up

Lighthouse Hockey General Mood: “It’s incredible how we worship mediocrity around here.” This was a tongue-in-cheek comment, but considering how angry some still were at Trotz 2 weeks ago (in the middle of a win streak), it’s nice to call out the other side.

New York Rangers

11/14 – Loss to Tampa Bay

11/16 – Loss to Florida

11/20 – Beat Washington

11/22 – Loss to Ottawa

11/23 – Beat Montreal

The New York Rangers faithful have to be really enjoying the Bread show in the Big Apple. Artemi Panarin leads the club with 12-15-27 and is wowing fans with his all around fantastic play. Sure could use a guy like that in Columbus. Unfortunately…that might be about all the Rangers have going for them. Fortunately, that might have been what most folks expected. The team is competitive, but they are shooting for next season.

Where they rank in the Metro: Bottom three

Trending: Even

Blueshirt Banter General Mood: “Prideful Norwegian Rangers Fans Anticipate Emotional Zuccarello Return to New York” Channeling The Onion with their article headlines lately. Love it...though we aren’t entirely sure it isn’t a serious article.

Philadelphia Flyers

11/13 – SO Loss to Washington

11/15 – Loss to Ottawa

11/16 – SO Loss to New York Islanders

11/19 – Loss to Florida

11/21 – Beat Carolina

11/23 – SO Loss to Calgary

What goes up will usually come down. The Flyers enjoyed some extra period coin flips the last time we saw them. This week? Not so much. Philadelphia went to the shoot out three times and lost all three. Loser points help ease the pain a bit, but their dalliance with a top 3 Metro spot is over for now. Carter Hart is sporting a save % under .900 but the Flyers offense isn’t lighting the world on fire either. There’s time for the Flyers to pick it up, we just don’t think they will.

Where they rank in the Metro: Middle of the Pack (Wild Card)

Trending: Down

Broad Street Hockey General Mood: “The question being is good Ghost the exception or the rule?” Existential questions abound about one of the young (ish?) Flyers defensemen.

Pittsburgh Penguins

11/15 – Loss to New Jersey

11/16 – Beat Toronto

11/19 – OT Loss to New York Islanders

11/21 – OT Loss to New York Islanders

11/22 – Beat New Jersey

The Penguins have spent most of the season overcoming somewhat significant injuries. They will continue to have to do so for awhile. Sidney Crosby’s injury isn’t a short-term deal so the rest of the squad will have to pick it up without him. It was a pretty good segment for Pittsburgh as losing twice to the Islanders in OT is as close to a good loss as one can have. Like the Flyers, the Pens have placed themselves in a Wild Card position while the Atlantic continues to flounder. With Tampa Bay waking up (and maybe Toronto?), this team will have to keep banking points and hope they can get some help.

Where they rank in the Metro: Middle of the Pack (Wild Card)

Trending: Up

Pensburgh General Mood: “Well, it’s not like he has been terrible, but he hasn’t been good either.” On noted Phil Kessel replacement Alex Galchenyuk. JR also knew why Jack Johnson was benched in Columbus.

Washington Capitals

11/13 – Beat Philadelphia

11/15 – Loss to Montreal

11/16 – Beat Boston

11/18 – Beat Anaheim

11/20 – Loss to New York Rangers

11/23 – SO Loss to Vancouver

The Capitals have had their worst segment of the season! 3-2-1 is the pits for this team considering how well they’ve managed their schedule to date. They still lead the Metro, but the Islanders have a plethora of games in hand and only a small points deficit. This is an offense heavy team – John Carlson has 36 points. Alex Ovechkin has 15 goals. However, we get the sense that any kind of sustained offensive lull will really impact this team as the defense doesn’t seem like the kind to stem a tide.

Where they rank in the Metro: Top of the Metro

Trending: Down-ish

Japers Rink General Mood: “Win or lose. I. Hate. Shootouts.” Sigh. Yep.

Thanks for reading. Here’s your palate cleanser.

Ottawa Senators v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images