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QuickCap: Jackets drop home opener

Too many penalties

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Columbus Blue Jackets Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, that was underwhelming. The Columbus Blue Jackets lost their opening game of the season ---- to the visiting Toronto Maple Leaves.

Possession was fairly even and neither team played especially well or poorly - at even strength. Too many penalties proved costly, with Toronto scoring on 2 of their 5 chances.

Good news: Can Atkinson scored for the sixth straight opening game. That was also the eighth straight Jackets opener with a power play goal. Sadly it was the only good power play of the night.

Bad news: Fire Brad Larsen. PP is still disorganized. The goal was a fluky one.

Bench Scott Harrington. He's not at fault, but he looked out of place out there against Toronto's talent.

Korpisalo was mostly OK but four goals is too much. Needs some help from his defense.

Remember: it's just one game. Let's not overreact one way or another. They're back at it tomorrow against Pittsburgh.

What stood out to you about the game tonight? Let us know in the comments.