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A view from the parapet: Going streaking

Our bi-weekly look at the rest of the Metro division

Columbus Blue Jackets v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

Being a blog about the Columbus Blue Jackets and being read primarily by Blue Jackets fans, it’s perfectly natural that our focus remains inside our own lines. However, this season, we’ll take a peek over the breastworks to see just what the opposition is doing. This bi-weekly series will give a our fellow Cannonites a little intelligence on the rest of the Metropolitan Division

*Results listed through 10/9 through 10/26

Carolina Hurricanes

10/11 – Beat New York Islanders

10/12 – Loss to Columbus

10/15 – Beat Los Angeles

10/16 – Loss to San Jose

10/18 – Loss to Anaheim

10/24 – OT Loss to Columbus

10/26 – Beat Chicago

Landmasses help slow hurricanes and Columbus certainly poked the eye of this storm. The Jackets beat Carolina twice and contributed to the Canes current three game slide. Carolina has had a bit of a goal downturn: they scored 22 goals in their first 5 games and only 11 goals in their next 5 games. Beating Chicago might right the ship.

Where they rank in the Metro: Top three

Trending: Down

CanesCountry General Mood: “Great game. Made the gridlock in the parking lot after game bearable.” That’s some serious relief after your team wins with a shutout. I’ll feel that way after the CBJ score 2 PP goals in a game.

New Jersey Devils

10/9 – Loss to Philadelphia

10/10 – SO Loss to Edmonton

10/12 – Loss to Boston

10/14 – Loss to Florida

10/17 – Beat New York Rangers

10/19 – Beat Vancouver

10/25 – Loss to Arizona

The Devils’ schedule picked up but their defense and goaltending didn’t get the memo. New Jersey had its own losing streak – in which they allowed 17 goals – before getting off the hook with a pair of wins. Taylor Hall leads the team in scoring, but he can’t be liking the trajectory of the rest of the team so far.

Where they rank in the Metro: At the bottom

Trending: Even

All About the Jersey General Mood: “At least they didn’t overpay for Bobrovsky.” That’s one way to approach acceptance of your team’s poor goaltending.

New York Islanders

10/11 – Loss to Carolina

10/12 – Beat Florida

10/14 – Beat St. Louis

10/17 – Beat Winnipeg

10/19 – Beat Columbus

10/24 – Beat Arizona

10/25 – Beat Ottawa

The Islanders are on a pretty good win streak now and are doing it as they did last season. The Islanders are 3rd in the league in GA and have a Top 3 power play unit. During their current win streak, they haven’t scored more than 4, but haven’t allowed more than 2 goals per game.

Where they rank in the Metro: Top three

Trending: Up

Lighthouse Hockey General Mood: “He’s such an awful coach, he really is…”. This is about Barry Trotz. In the midst of a winning streak.

New York Rangers

10/12 – Loss to Edmonton

10/17 – Loss to New Jersey

10/18 – Loss to Washington

10/20 – Loss to Vancouver

10/22 – OT Loss to Arizona

10/24 – Beat Buffalo

After a light schedule to start the season, the Rangers might have been lulled to sleep. A five game losing streak commenced before Buffalo let them off the hook. Their problem has been defense, as they gave up 20 goals during the streak. Henrik Lundqvist is the starter, but Alexendar Georgiev has out performed him in his games. Don’t see King Henrik being removed from the throne any time soon, though.

Where they rank in the Metro: At the bottom

Trending: Down

Blueshirt Banter General Mood: “In a vacuum, divorced from cultural or commercial impact or influence, Charles Mingus’ The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady is the greatest musical work in any genre, and one of the greatest works of art in any medium.” That’s such a heavy statement to make that I feel you folks should debate it. I’ve never heard of him.

Philadelphia Flyers

10/9 – Beat New Jersey

10/12 – SO Loss to Vancouver

10/15 – Loss to Calgary

10/16 – Loss to Edmonton

10/19 – Loss to Dallas

10/21 – Beat Vegas

10/24 – Beat Chicago

10/26 – Beat Columbus

The Flyers had only played ONE game 2 weeks ago. Things have picked up in a hurry as they’ve knocked out 8 games in just over 2 weeks. Philadelphia has shown to be a streaky team early on – Lost 4, Won 3 – but they’ve still played fewer games than anyone in the Metro. Hard to say anything poor about a team that just smacked around the Blue Jackets.

Where they rank in the Metro: Mid-table

Trending: Up

Broad Street Hockey General Mood: “Done with the carter hart experiment for this year.” This is my favorite Flyer fan tradition – bailing on your goalie as soon as you can.

Pittsburgh Penguins

10/10 – Beat Anaheim

10/12 – Beat Minnesota

10/13 – Beat Winnipeg

10/16 – Beat Colorado

10/18 – Beat Dallas

10/19 – Lost to Vegas

10/22 – Lost to Florida

10/23 – Lost to Tampa Bay

10/26 – Beat Dallas

It’s an update of streaks. Pittsburgh ran off 5 in a row during this session and then promptly lost 3 straight. Dallas cures all ills these days, so perhaps the Penguins are about to start another run. The team is still missing some key cogs but is holding steady. Jim Rutherford managed to find one patsy to dump one of his contract mistakes on as the Pens traded Erik Gudbranson to Anaheim for…it doesn’t matter.

Where they rank in the Metro: Mid-table

Trending: Even

Pensburgh General Mood: “Desperate Ducks Deal for Defenseman Done.” I appreciate good alliteration concerning a trade.

Washington Capitals

10/10 – Loss to Nashville

10/12 – Beat Dallas

10/14 – Loss to Colorado

10/16 – Beat Toronto

10/18 – Beat New York Rangers

10/20 – Beat Chicago

10/22 – Beat Calgary

10/24 – OT Loss to Edmonton

10/25 – Beat Vancouver

The Capitals continued plowing through their heavy October schedule. They had a 4 game win streak in the middle of this 9 game slate. They remain at the top of the Metro, though they have played more games than anyone. Still, even if Carolina (the 2nd place team right now) won both of its games in hand – the Capitals would only be sharing the top spot. Defenseman John Carlson continues his march towards the Norris, Hart, Vezina, Byng, and whatever else you want to give him – he has 21 points in 13 games.

Where they rank in the Metro: Top of the Metro

Trending: Up

Japers Rink General Mood: “I missed a hell of a third apparently.” The Caps made a huge comeback to beat Vancouver.

This is the state of the Metropolitan Division.

Here’s your palate cleanser.

Columbus Blue Jackets v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images