2018 NHL Draft Prospect Profile : Serron Noel

Size and strength paired with incredible skating skills makes Serron Noel a must have on just about any team.

Serron Noel

Position: RW
Current Team: Oshawa General - OHL
Date of Birth: August 8th, 2000
Hometown: Guelph, ON, CAN
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 209 lbs
Shoots: R

2017-18 Stats

62 GP/28 G/25 A/53 PTS/61 PIM

Serron Noel is a rather large winger who is nimble on his skates. His nimbleness and agility comes from many years of figure skating classes as a child.  Despite his 6’5”, 209 lbs frame, Noel is working towards adding finesse to his game rather than being more aggressive. Although, his body has shown useful in battles along the boards. If Noel is coming in to get a puck off the boards, you can bet your money on the fact he will leave with the puck.

Noel has a lot of skills which need to be brought to the surface and honed. Such as entering the zone properly and knowing when it is the proper time and place to take off on a breakaway. To do this properly, teams need to decide how they want to use him from the start.

Will teams use Noel’s size and strength against him by burying him on the 4th line? OR will they recognize his untapped potential and mold Noel into the next prolific winger?


Future Considerations – 29

Hockey Prospect – 28

ISS – 14

NHL Central Scouting (NA Skaters) - 10

Scouting Reports

“Despite his size and strength, he (Serron Noel) is not an overly aggressive or physical player as he is working at defining himself as a skill player rather than the tough guy.” -  Peter Harling – DobberProspects

“I think of (Blake) Wheeler when I see Noel just because of his size and feet and hands in tight, and when he puts it all together you can’t get the puck away from him” - Karl Stewart – NHL Central Scouting

“”He’s got good finishing ability and his size is going to allow him to get his looks. I like what he offers physically, but it seems sometimes that becomes too much of a focus because of his size. He does good work along the boards and in his own zone. I still don’t think he’s figured out how he want to play regularly. But that’ll come with time and I think anyone would give a player of his size and talent all the time in the world.” - Mark McKelvie – Play by Play voice of the Owen Sound Attack

Noel Highlights

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