Las Vegas Mock Expansion Draft

Here's my idea - Depending on how many people participate, everyone takes 2-3 teams and researches who they will likely protect for the expansion draft. We can post our results, as well as the top 3-4 players who should be under consideration by Vegas.

This is helpful -

I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like the "Vegas GM" can then compile a list of available players. If enough people participate in armchair-GM'ing a few existing NHL teams, I can just plug those protected players in and spit out a pool of available players. From there, we can "vote" on roster picks, or each of us could post our own theoretical rosters.

I don't think anyone wants to dig through 10+ teams and figure out who they might protect, so the more participation the better. A couple rules I can think of - Use the 7-3-1 protection model UNLESS you can provide a very good and valid reason. Same thing for NMC's - e.g. Pittsburgh will probably ask Fleury to waive his NMC. Chicago is not going to expose Patrick Kane.

Who's in? Claim your teams in the comments and we can come up with a deadline to submit protected lists. Thanks!

Use this link of protected lists, the innput those here and draft your team!