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Cannon Blasts: McElhinney Waived, No More Third Jersey?

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Welcome back to Cannon Blasts! Each morning, start your day off with news and notes from around the Columbus Blue Jackets, the NHL and hockey (and sometimes even perhaps) sports world.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Columbus will take to the ice tonight for the first of a three-game road trip, beginning in Carolina, as the Blue Jackets will look to officially kickoff another winning streak following Sunday's overtime win against the Flyers.

But, the Jackets will be without a familiar face on the bench as Columbus waived Curtis McElhinney following his performance in Saturday's 5-4 loss to the Rangers.

As usual, The Cannon will have all your gameday coverage, so until that point, lets run down some other news from CBJ-land, the NHL and around the (sports) world.

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Happy gameday to you all, and welcome back Cannon Blasts!