2017-18 Columbus Blue Jackets Player Review: Lukas Sedlak

Lukas Sedlak did a lot of the little things for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Like standing up for his teammate against Ryan Reaves.

Lukas Sedlak only scored eight points for the Columbus Blue Jackets last season, but he’s one of those that sticks out for more than just the goals and assists.

For instance, that time he took on all of 6’1”, 225 pounds noted enforcer, Ryan Reaves. Reaves, 31, who has one foot, 20 pounds on the 25-year-old Sedlak, also has 789 penalty minutes to his name since he debuted in the league in 2010-11. That pits him eighth in the NHL over that span, and he finished ninth in the league this season with 94 minutes in the box.

By comparison, Sedlak has 46 penalty minutes in his two NHL seasons.

In sticking up for a teammate, one Markus Hännikäinen, Sedlak was not exactly victorious in the tussle but earned some bonus points with everyone.

And he wears No. 45, the number of another noted Blue Jackets enforcer.

Lukas Sedlak 2017-18 Stats

Games Played: 53
Goals: 4
Assists: 4
Points: 8
Time on ice: 9:24
Penalty Minutes: 21
Corsi For: 49.2%

High Point

That fight versus Reaves mentioned at the top. That was a high point because you’re always going to gain respect from your peers, teammates, and coaches when you stick up for your teammates.

And maybe sacrifice your life.

Low Point


Sedlak had a couple of big injuries to his season. One that occurred in late October, when he missed a month with an ankle sprain suffered in practice. He was slated to miss six weeks but returned to the lineup Nov. 22 against the Flames.

Sedlak then missed the rest of the regular season and playoffs after taking a puck to the back of the head on a slap shot by teammate Seth Jones against the Panthers in late March.

Lukas Sedlak, Matt Calvert, Oliver Bjorkstand (All Strengths)

Player 1Player 2Player 3GPTOICFCACF%FFFAFF%SFSASF%GFGAGF%SCFSCASCF%HDCFHDCAHDCF%HDGFHDGAHDGF%On-Ice SH%On-Ice SV%PDOOff. Zone FaceoffsNeu. Zone FaceoffsDef. Zone FaceoffsOff. Zone Faceoff %
Lukas SedlakMatt CalvertOliver Bjorkstrand4748.25474451.65363054.55291861.72340201458.828657.140306.983.330.90216151355.17
Lukas SedlakMatt Calvertw/o Oliver Bjorkstrand47157.4213915147.9311111549.12739244.2461726.09748048.053232503827.278.2281.520.89742596439.62
Lukas Sedlakw/o Matt CalvertOliver Bjorkstrand5340:00212942172342.5131841.942010091047.37326000-15.381001.1543131023.08
Lukas Sedlakw/o Matt Calvertw/o Oliver Bjorkstrand53252.0620224145.616018047.0611512647.7277507811141.27295634.1233506.0994.441.005546610933.13
w/o Lukas SedlakMatt CalvertOliver Bjorkstrand69158:0114116645.9312012449.18849048.2810855.56577941.91263443.33555011.991.111.0356525749.56
w/o Lukas SedlakMatt Calvertw/o Oliver Bjorkstrand69558:4844959343.0933244142.9526633744.11173532.6923529244.599813641.8862122.226.3989.610.9612017527330.53
w/o Lukas Sedlakw/o Matt CalvertOliver Bjorkstrand82925:09101577056.8677657557.4452841156.23412958.5747034957.3917715453.47251464.17.7792.941.00734924720762.77
w/o Lukas Sedlakw/o Matt Calvertw/o Oliver Bjorkstrand822855:132959274651.872293203452.991688150952.816413754.491417137050.8457156450.31876756.499.7290.921.006113293889455.87

Sedlak will be a restricted free agent following the 2019-20 season. I like his determination and even a bit of the physicality he brings to the club. Entering his third NHL season, I am curious to see if he can stay healthy and expound upon his just 21 points (11 goals, 10 assists).

I mean, I’m not saying he’s William Karlsson, but Karlsson kind of rewrote the book on player usage and roles upon a team. Who knows what a guy like Sedlak may be able to provide if he was able to get more minutes on a nightly basis.

And what he may be able to provide to the team assuming he can avoid the unlucky injury. Just among the situations to monitor with the young Czech center.

How would you grade Lukas Sedlak’s 2017-18 season?


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