Prospect 4-on-4 Tournament

If you haven't watched the prospect 4-on-4 tournament I encourage you to do so (it's on the team's YouTube channel). It's a great look into the future. I wanted to share a few quick thoughts from what I saw.

Disclaimers: I am untrained and inexperienced in scouting hockey players. All of these players have flaws and immaturity issues so I'm just touching on positives for the most part. I wasn't there so I didn't get a good look at a lot of the prospects.

Dubois - This kid is good. He made several solid thread-the-needle passes and scored a couple nice goals. He also showed some defensive prowess. The center position seemed to be very natural to him. It's really too bad that he can't play in the AHL because I think he's too good for Juniors. The 1C potential is definitely there.

Milano - Good Lord can Milano skate. I have no doubt he'd have no problems keeping up in the NHL with his skates. Not only is he fast, but he skates circles around everyone and makes it look easy. He still has decision making issues (noticed this in the AHL playoffs too), but if he can turn the corner and mature as a hockey player look out.

Abramov - HOW DID HE FALL TO THE THIRD ROUND?! WHAT?! He was easily one of the best prospects on the ice. He really has a knack for finding the net and can battle very well for his size.

Vigneault - Had a couple good games. He seems to have good vision and made some nice passes. He's another FA that may get a look for a potential ELC.

Sherwood - Wow. He's night and day from last year. I really thought his signing was a dog and pony show, but he's proving people wrong. He can skate very well and has a really really good wrist shot. I'm not sure how high his ceiling goes, but I expect him to get a look at AHL time in 2017-2018.

Carlsson - Smooth as butter and can skate deceptively well. Seems to have good hockey sense too. I think he's going to be a very good NHLer - probably not first pairing, but solid second pairing potential. I'm excited to see him in 2017-2018.

Frank Hora - Who? Scored 2 goals and showed some nice passing. I'll be interested to see if the Jackets show interest in signing him to an ELC.

Goalies - Dansk had a good showing and looks a lot better than last year. Brodeur made some really nice saves, but is the goalie farm too full?

I'd like to hear comments from anyone else that watched the tournament, especially if you were there.