Impressions From Day 2 Of Development Camp

Before I write anything, I remind everyone that I'm just an everyday fan expressing opinions. I have no special insights or training. That said, here's what I think.

For the most part, what I saw was what you would expect. That being bunches of young guys hoping to impress with obvious holes in their game. I honestly don't expect any of the FA invitees to be offered a contract, this year. Only a few guys stood out.

We arrived too late to watch the goalies, but they were on the ice for the skaters' drills. Thome looked pretty good, overall. Yes, he needs a lot of development before being considered for even LEM. On the other hand, he moved well, had good positioning and gave good effort. I didn't see much of Elvis, but what I saw wasn't disappointing. Oskar Dansk, however...... Last year, IMO, was the best goalie in camp. He has regressed. Severely. I don't know what his problem was, but he seemed to just be going through the motions and didn't give a damn.

Sherwood has improved about 1,000% since I saw him, last year. Nothing he does really stands out, but I also didn't see any outstanding faults, either. Playing on the third or fourth line slot LEM, this year, may not be out of the question.

Abramov.... I can't praise highly enough. Strong skater, smooth passer, didn't miss any passes sent at him and he may be a little faster than Cam. But what I noticed most strongly is that, every time he took a shot, it either went in, hit the goalie in front of the net, or hit the post. He was the only player to not miss the goal completely.

When I first saw Carlsson, my first thought was, "Holy shit, he's big!" But he skates well and is solid. 7th D/first call up seems reasonable.

PLD really didn't stand out. He's decently swift, but everything he does is so smooth and seemingly effortless that you just don't notice him.

Sonny Milano has confirmed, for me, what several of you have said. When he's ready, he'll be a good 3rd line wing. You can see in the way he moves that he's an "all offense, little defense" type.

Those are my thoughts on the guys who stood out for me. Now, I wait for other opinions.

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