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Blue Jackets Select Peter Thome in the Sixth Round of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft

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After some time off the clock the Blue Jackets selected Thome, a goalie out of Minneapolis

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After the longest gap between draft picks in franchise history, the Blue Jackets returned to the action by picking Peter Thome, a goaltending prospect out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Committed to the University of North Dakota for 2017-18, Thome is a 6’3", 194 pound goaltending prospect that posted a 2.43 GAA and .929 SVS% last season.

Thome fits the definition of "long term prospect," but developing more goaltenders is always a good thing for a franchise. With the possibility of losing one of the prospects in Lake Erie to the expansion draft looming, developing outside help in net is always welcome.

More to come on this story.